DirecTV Approves Phonex Wireless Jack

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Sep 8, 2003
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Phone Connection on Set-tops Simpler

Phonex Broadband said that DirecTV approved the use of the Phonex wireless phone jack for modems with its satellite TV set-top boxes.

The wireless phone jack creates a phone connection by using the electrical outlets in a home. The base is placed near an existing phone connection and plugged into the electrical outlet. It then transmits the phone signal to a receiver at another electrical outlet and eliminates the need to run wiring to the DirecTV set-top box.

The wireless jack for modems offers caller ID and improved modem performance. The products are available through several OEMs and are found on retail shelves under the RCA, GE, Southwestern Bell, Phonex and Belkin brand names.

For more information about Phonex products or their availability, readers can contact Phonex at
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