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Circuit City Features Deal Across the Country

DirecTV launched a new high-definition television bundled equipment offer for its new customers at Circuit City retail locations across the country.

Customers who purchase a Samsung HD television can add a Samsung-DirecTV HD system for $199, a savings of $400. The promotion runs through Jan. 31. Circuit City's offer applies to the following Samsung HDTVs: TXN 2775HF, TXN 3275HF, TXN 3075WHF, HCN 4226W, HCN 529W, HLN 437W, HLN 507W and HPN.

DirecTV recently launched a national HD package that includes ESPN HD, Discovery HD Theater, HDNet, HDNet Movies and HD Special Event programming for $10.99 a month. In addition to this package, DirecTV offers High-Definition PPV, HBO HDTV and SHO HD. (HBO HDTV and SHO HD are included with their respective premium programming subscriptions).

(Some package pricing is with combined purchase, after $350 instant savings and $50 Circuit City new DirecTV subscriber mail-in rebate.)

To access HDTV channels, customers must have a DirecTV HD set-top receiver, an HD television set and a single 18x20-inch multi-satellite dish with three LNBs.
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