DirecTv Fraud

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Sep 7, 2003
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My girlfriend just got a bill today in the mail from a collection agency (The CBE Group Inc.) for DirecTv for over $200 in her name and address and she never had DirecTv in her name. Someone must have either activated a system in her name and address or DirecTv fraudulently is trying to charge her for service that she never ordered. I would think that most likely someone else had put it in her name. What can be done about this?
An update, I just found the perpetrator, his name, address, and phone number by going to the DirecTv website and punching in the Account Number and her ex's phone number and guess what, the information popped up with her name at her ex's address but it says that there is no balance due. I saved the information on those pages to my desktop. He must have called in and done this out of spite since they are not going out anymore. What I am trying to figure out is why it says her ex's address on the DirecTv's website yet she got the bill in the mail to her address? Something weird is going on here and I am puzzled. It just sounds to me like someone done some things they were not supposed to do and somehow got the bill dumped on her.
Well if it were me I would call the police and report it as identity theft & check my credit report to see if there are anyother fraudulent accounts in my name. If someone messes up your credit it could end up costing you tens of thousands in higher intrest rates over the life of the loan if you ever try purchase a home.

How in the world did you not notice that they were taking the money out of your account month after month?
How in the world did you not notice that they were taking the money out of your account month after month?

Where does it say there was more than a one time charge? Am I missing something? And why did you bump this thread 5 1/2 years later???:confused:
Dang, that was a long time ago since I posted that. It has been so long that I have not seen her in about five years. That time period is now a distant memory for me.
So did they charge you only one time or was it more than that?
I believe the title of the thread is simply misleading. The OP mentioned that Directv MIGHT be fraudulently overcharging his girlfriend, but says it's MOST LIKELY that someone opened an account in her name.

A better title would be something like "Identity theft or an Incorrect Bill by Directv?"
Who cares guys, leave it alone! Its almost 6 years old!!! This thread needs to be closed immediately.
1. The Directv balance will show 0 when the account is sent out for collections it wipes the balance out but DTV still has a record of it.

2. First thing that has to happen is your girl friend needs to call up dtv billing department and file a claim of fraud so it can be escalated to the apporiate team. They will then investgate the claim.

P.S. I am a dumbass for not reading pass the first message or checking the date.
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