DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

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  1. Most deals like that are for 12 months ..
    Make up for it in the 2nd year ?
    They will pay what was agreed upon in the 2nd year.
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  3. These deals are gearing for people that have been with DirecTV for more than a year and no longer in a promotional pricing, they have been able to get these deals. Usually I recommend calling once every year to see if they can offer you any deals to keep your tv bills low.
    So usually when your promo pricing expire call them and see what they can do. When I say call them I mean their loyalty team, usually their billing team can't do as much.
  4. Called this morning. $70 off for 12 months, Showtime and Sports Pack free for 4 months, no contract extension. Happy customer as I was seriously considering switching back to Dish after 8 years.
  5. I call every year with the full intention to cancel, and get at least $50 off a month. I am prepared to actually cancel, but they never let me.
  6. I called for discounts maybe 3-4 months ago and they put me on the hook for a year after that. Just so I understand: are you saying it would not matter whether you're in contract? Or do you have to be out of contract to get them to budge? I ask because I don't want to threaten to leave when they know I'm under contract, would have to pay several hundred dollars to cancel, and i would assume this would go into my customer notes.
  7. It is not just the Cord Cutters, it is the Cord Nevers, there is no growth at all in the Cable/Sat. TV subscriber base, 4 million people are born every year in the US, 2.5 million die, that is 1.5 million new people every year and that has been the average for the last 30 years.

    For example my son is 27, daughter is 22 and they are perfectly happy with Netflix, Hulu, you Tube, etc they just do not care about Cable TV, my son could easily afford it ( daughter still in school) but he cares nothing about it and that is how the majority of kids/teenagers/young adults feel also.

    also this-

    Pay-TV to lose 26% of subs by 2030

    During this time, legacy MVPDs will experience considerable subscriber losses, due not only to long-term industry trends but also growing competition from virtual pay-TV providers. Consequently, legacy pay-TV penetration will fall from 81% of US households in 2017 to 60% in 2030, down 26%.

    “TDG said early on that the future of TV was an app. Unfortunately, most incumbent MVPDs weren’t taking notes,” notes Joel Espelien, TDG Senior Analyst.

    “The question is no longer if the future of TV is an app, but how quickly and economically incumbents can adapt to this truth and transition to an all-broadband app-based live multi-channel system.”

    Pay-TV to lose 26% of subs by 2030

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  8. Way to go Bruce, what a depressing way to start off the week. :coffee
  9. Same here. I'm a long time sub (10-15 years...) with the Xtra package, DVR, HD, 2 receivers and nothing else. I was seriously calling to cancel DTV last weekend because I'm done with $80/mo bills when you can easily get half that with streaming services. Plus, I'm getting pixelation at times during perfectly sunny weather. Done with that!

    I currently am on contract until 12/23/17 getting $50 off per month. (Just a note, my non-discount bill is over $130/mo ??? Insane!!) They added another $60/mo discount without any contract extension (which will take affect on the next bill). On the 23rd I'll see if they having something else to offer in place of the $50/mo I'll be losing. Plus they need to send someone (at their cost) to adjust / replace / whatever my dish so I'm no longer getting pixelating video. If not, I'm so done with this overpriced insanity!!

    One rep I was talking to seemed pretty confident that they'd replace the expiring $50/mo discount with something else that would lower my bill to an insane $12 / mo. I know they're just speculating and trying to keep people hanging to see but, if not, I'm gone. Like I said before, I'm ready to kill the sat anyway so if it's not an insane deal WITHOUT a contract, I'm done! Too many other options these days for someone (like me) who watches maybe 10-12 channels.

    They're really scrambling to retain customers. I've been testing different streaming providers and am perfectly happy with PS Vue. And this competition will only get better over the coming months.
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    I'm a 17 year customer with the Choice Xtra Classic package grandfathered in, plus HBO, Directv Extra Pack and hooked up to 4 TV's. Monthly bill is $164.97.

    Just called and followed the OP's instructions and received $50 off for a year, my HBO free for 6 months, and Showtime added free for 4 months. The lady I spoke to was very pleasant and ready to help me. Thanks so much for sharing this!
  11. Well, if your unhappy with D* and your happy with streaming, WHATS KEEPING YOU ?
    Go, get what you like better ....
    The company is about giving you service for 1/2 price and your still not happy ...
    Why are you staying ?
    You don't have to wait for approval from us.
  12. Don't waste your time having them come out to look at the pixelation issue - it's a widespread, well-documented issue that Directv is not very interested in fixing apparently. It's not your dish or connections.
  13. Good to know, I have been wondering what the hell is going on. Picture suddenly stutters from time to time almost like rain fade, but there isn't a cloud in the sky.
  14. Yup, exactly. I see it too. I started a thread a while back about it. Others did too. The Directv forums on their website have many complaints. DBStalk has many many many as well. They're just puttering hoping it goes away by the looks of it.
  15. I'm certainly not waiting for anyone here's approval. I'm just adding to the content on this board about the deep discounts DTV is giving people that are trying to leave. My 100% intent was to drop DTV when I originally called about a week ago.

    The ONLY thing keeping me until the 23rd of this month is to see if they'll reinstate the current $50 discount (that expires on the 23rd), without a contract. Combining that with the $60 discount they just added, that lowers my bill to just under $20/mo. The carrot of DTV Extra package for $20/mo (rather the the current $80 that I'm paying) is what keeps me.

    However, based on what people are saying about the pixelation issues that everyone is having and DTV doesn't care about fixing I'm not sure I really care what the discount is. And, considering DTV has already stated they're raising rates again early next year, I kinda doubt they'll give another $50 discount, with or without a contract. Only reason I could imagine they'd give me my current service (which before any discounts is $130/mo) for only $20/mo would be to keep subscription numbers from falling even lower -- they lost 385K in Q3; I'll likely be one of those Q4 losses. I should just call them today and be done with it but I'm just curious how desperate they are.

    So, YES, I'm totally happy with streaming for $45/mo, no contract, no pixelation or rain fade issues, and all the channels I'm interested in are there.
  16. I would say your over exaggerating the pixal issue, I never have pixal 9ssues and Not that many people have talked about it ...
    Is it an issue, if it' happening, yes.
    Is D* doing nothing about it ?
    Don't know, if they are working to fix it, they have no need to post here about when they fix it.
  17. Yeah, i didn't mean to make it sound like it's unwatchable or anything. It stutters once in a while. Haven't noticed it happening at all today, so maybe just a glitch.
  18. They will probably fix it with an update.
  19. can new custoemrs get any of these deals
  20. for those getting the discounts, were you folks still under contract?
  21. All these companies are hiking prices up. My friend is going to leave Wow cable. They started out good and better than Comcast when they were first out but now they’re just like them . Won’t give deals to stay . Wanting to hike her bill up $60!They claimed her internet was 90.00 alone. Point is all these companies play the same game.

    I’m getting the package with directv that’s below the highest one for $60 a month and that’s with the $25 off and promos and that’s good for 2 years so I’m not planning on calling them to lower it. I could I’m sure call in and ask for additional credits but I doubt they’d lower me down any further. Only had them 6 months now.
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