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Jul 27, 2006
Does DirecTv pro installations meet NEC/CEC code standards regarding grounds ?

I did my initial install in 1991, with ground mast mounted dish with mounting hardware grounded to ground rod installed at base of mast, and then the signal
line sheath grounded to another ground rod where the cable entered the house.

Now, multiple dishes and receivers later, all pro installs, all of the ground connections have been disconnected and none of the cables entering the house
have a grounding block.

I have been having numerous lightning damaged equipment problems, not just receivers but TVs, central a/c...and these are the only ungrounded wires coming
into the house.

I know the cables should be grounded to the electrical service entrance ground
or at least to a ground rod bonded to the service entrance ground. It seems
like all the "pro" installers around here throw the dish up, run the wire across the
grass, run the wire in a window with a ribbon cable and haul butt.

I don't mind paying a little for the extended cable run required to ground the
entrance to my house up to code.

Does DirecTV care if the install is up to code or actually a "professional" job ?

THANKS for any insight.




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Jul 14, 2005
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I would think that YES D* cares about doing the job correctly and having the grounds in place, just like any other company would.

If your grounds are not in place it should be reported to the Installation company to have someone come back out and finish the job.
If you don't have a number for them, then call D*.

Every time I've had someone out to my place they have always left a business card in case I needed anything.
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