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Jan 26, 2006
I havent posted in awhile but I thought it was time... Well I have been very happy with Directv but lately I am getting some what irratated. I recently as many of you notice seen your bill go higher thanks to price hikes, but it seems like The more channels I remove my bill isnt getting any lower. I had all the movie channel removed them all but HBO!! So I want your thoughts on the prices of directv do they seem fair or too high? :)


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Jul 29, 2006
Tulsa. Ok.
do they seem fair or too high? :)

Compared to others they are reasonable .. in general - pay tv as a whole is way overpriced IMHO.

I have all channels apart from premiums .. in my area - cable with one hd/dvr would cost $77 ... directv would cost $73 per month - and dish would be about $70 .. when you compare how many channels you get for the price - directv works out to be the best deal for me ...

so - compared to others ... its reasonable .. but $70-80 per month for pay tv - without premiums .... to some its a bargain ...
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