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Dec 31, 2004
Have the Protection Plan. A older HR20-700 that finally died after it would just re-boot all by itself at random time. All that happens is the blue LED's just circle and circle and no video outputs from the box. The DVR has basically crapped out. Called Tech support and reported what happened and that is has been removed from the entertainment center. I just moved a HD only receiver to at least get some tv. The Tech guy wanted me do RBR, press select, etc. I had told them I tried all of that and can't even see the video out. He made me hook it back up and guess what I still does not work. Finally after going round and round with the guy, he agreed to ship out a replacement. One thing I found just plain odd is that he told me the guide comes from the 119 slot and that a receiver that has lost the 119 guide data may just have issues like constant re-booting like mine was doing. I told the Tech Support that we don't see the 119 satellite as I have a SWM LNB that sees only 99,101,103 but he insisted that it picked up 119 as well. Where I live the 119 satellite is not needed for locals and I don't subscribe to any foreign programming.

The call was so frustrating, it's like they just read their script and don't listen to what the problem is. It was so simple, HDDVR failed, all the rest of the boxes work fine so it's not a dish alignment issue. Just replace it, I have the PP plan so there should be no hassles. This person was in the USA so I would expect better technical support. This is the first time since I upgraded to HD i had to call Tech Support about a bad receiver. I had a couple of remotes go bad and they sent new ones out right away with no issues.

Is this the norm when this kind of problem happens?.


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May 18, 2004
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Cooler heads always prevail and YES, likely was not tech but a CSR reading a script as most all 1st line support does regardless of company; always just go with "will not power on at all" if you are 110% sure you diagnosed the issue and then you will move right on through. These script readers are almost always recorded to make sure they are going through exactly what they should do and are trained to do and held accountable for doing; just like most other companies do. Thus making sure they are not sending high-value replacements out just because the customer says they want one; they must validate.
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Mar 23, 2012
From the way you explained it, the guy was just doing his job as he was trained. They need to be sure it's really broken before shipping you out a new one, they have no way of knowing your level of expertise.

You want really bad tech support, try Dish network. OMG....


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Jan 31, 2006
dspcap said:
You want really bad tech support, try Dish network. OMG....

Between the bad service and all the discussion about 119 I was thinking maybe the OP WAS talking to Dish! ;-)


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Sep 7, 2003
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I have a friend with Directv that has had many many billing issues them telling him he owes one amount then he gets a bill saying something else and not getting billed right. They tell him that if he pays an x amount that he is paid off completely. Next month he still has a balance on his bill. Then his receiver starts messing up and they tell him there is nothing wrong with it. They refuse to do anything about it then later say that they want a two year commitment to replace the receiver and he don't want to do it because of all the billing issues. They are terminating service at the end of the month which is when the contract is up as that is a lot easier to do than to deal with the bull.


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Sep 23, 2004
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1. Sorry but I am no longer there to bring common sense to these people.
2. They dont have a script but they do have a support tool that guides them through some basic troubleshooting.
3. You have Protection Plan that is ran by N.E.W. and not Directv, so that agent is part of N.E.W. 's directv and is there to keep from giving out a replacement. Why because they are there to not spend money.
4. They dont like replacing any then that OWNED as it goes against number 3.
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