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Oct 28, 2006
Hello everyone:

I used to live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and now live in Dubai UAE. I used to have DirecTV service and was quite happy with it. The satellite provider here in Dubai is woefully inadequate and very expensive.

My question is, if I were to purchase and install the DirecTV system over here, would it work? I do have a US address for them to bill me at, and a VOIP phone to plug it into.

If you do know that it will work, please fill me in on any details that I would need.

Welcome to satellite guys! If you have a residence you can get DirecTV and with a broadband connrction and a slingbox you can watch and control your DirecTV in the U.A.E. on your computer.
Just a warning, if you try to use D* signal outside of the US, and D* knows about it, don't ever try to come back into the country, you'll have a warrant out for your arrest. A Slingbox, however, is COMPLETELY LEGAL!
Contrary to the prior poster, there will not be a warrant for your arrest should you use D* outside the country. That is a pure overreaction. No laws will have been broken. However, it is definitely outside of their guidelines and rules as governed by the federal government. If they knew you were using a D* decoder outside the country they would be obligated to cut it off (likewise for Canadian/Mexican customers).

However, to use D* from Dubai, the only way you would be able to see the system would be via a Slingbox and your internet connection. One advantage to a Slingbox-based connection would be the capability to have your local channels available from over there.

A Slingbox would not violate D*'s guidelines, as the physical hardware would remain at your home address in the States. Conversely, you would be paying for the internet bandwidth yourself.
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