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Oct 10, 2011
I 'm using a DSR100C on Glorystar. I lost my signal a while back, now I'm getting a message on the menu that says "Disabled in Glorystar mode". Is there some kind of guide that can help me reprogram my receiver? Thank you so much for any help you guys can provide.

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If you need to reaim the dish you will have to go into advanced mode

I **think** you can get to the factory reset from the Glorystar menu.....see if you can
Otherwise to do a reset turn off the switch on the back. While pressing channel up on the unit (not the remote) flip the switch on the back. You'll get kicked into a reset screen. Press "0" and it will reboot. Select "English" then "Advanced mode"

Sounds like you know how to get into the menus from there

wait...scratch that...simpler way would be to tune to channel 900, press the "signal" button at top, then press the blue button to mute the annoying "beeeeeeeeeeeeeep" then aim the dish from there.


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Mar 28, 2007
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Unless you are wanting to use the receiver for watching other satellites or channels, do not activate in the Advanced mode. Keep the receiver in the GloryStar mode to have the benefit of automatic channel list updating.

To realign the dish for GloryStar simply place the receiver on channel 901 and press the orange Signal button on the remote. You are on correct satellite when the Quality reading is above 50% and you see programming.

Next tune to channel 113 then 106 to peak and balance between these three channels to have as high or Quality reading at least above 50% and the Quality readings balanced as close as possible.

Once the Signal Quality readings are above 50% on these three channels, perform the OTA Update as described on page 49 of the manual. This will update your receiver to the latest firmware and newest channels.


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Oct 10, 2011
I tried the switch on the back, pressing channel up and flipping the switch back on. The receiver is now stuck on "boot". The only way out is to turn it off from the back or unplugging it. After turning it on again I can get to a "Test page" by pressing the channel up while turning it back on. When I press "0" the message says "Load default OK, you should turn off the settop box" but I can't turn it off. Again the only way out is turning it off from the back switch.


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Sep 3, 2004
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How to Perform a Master Reset on a GEOSATpro DSR100/200 or DVR1100 Satellite Receiver:

* Press and hold the CH Up button on the front of the receiver while turning on the rear Master Power switch.

* Once the Test Screen appears, release the CH Up button then use the CH UP or CH DOWN button to select (0) Zero.

* Press the OK button on the remote.

* When on screen prompt appears to turn off the power, turn off the rear Master Power switch.

* Turn on the rear Master Power switch and activate the receiver following the on screen menu prompts. (If you are connected to the TV with a coax cable and the TV screen is snow on channel 3, press the OK button on the receiver remote twice to restore picture.)

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