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Oct 14, 2011
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I have two receivers that have been receiving GloryStar. One was moved to the new G19 satellite last year and worked fine until about a month ago. Suddenly the signal strength was still there but 0% on the quality bar. One receiver is a Geosat pro 1000 ci and the other is a Fortec Ultra Lifetime model. In the process of troubleshooting I reset both models to factory default for reprogramming. I can enter the frequency (11842), Polarity (Horizontal) and Symbol Rate (22000), but neither model will save the "new" settings, and I'm getting no "quality" signal and no channels.

I've checked the dish with a meter, it's pointed at G19, the signal is well over 50%. I've replaced the LNB. I've run one new RJ6 line from the LNB to the receiver. I've brought in two professionals to troubleshoot the system and they have both left scratching their heads because neither model will save or retain the appropriate programming changes.



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Make sure the LO frequency setting of the receiver matches the LO of the LNB. Sounds like one maybe Universal (LO 9,750/10,600) and the other Standard (LO 10,750).


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The op lives an hour away from our facility and brought the two receivers in today for testing. Thought that you might be interested in the diagnosis.

The op had replaced a failed standard type LNBF with an universal type, but the GEOSATpro DVR1000ci LO was set to 10750. Instead of opting to chang the LO, he purchased a GEOSATpro SL2 standard type LNBF to add a second room to his system. We loaded a current channel list and also scanned the entire G19 satellite for FTA channels. All is well!

The Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra had failed and was outputting 30+vdc. This was the probable cause for the failed original LNBF. He didn't want to invest in a repair so we recycled.

Good call on the LNB LO frequency being set wrong! So much for the two hired professionals who indicated they knew all about FTA rrceiver programming, yet didn't know how to set LO frequencies. :(

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