Dish 500 Dish with Single LNB (Can I get Local Channels?)


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May 27, 2004

I have 2700 receiver (from old days),using it to get International channels off 61.5 for a long time. Just came across a dish 500 Dish antenna with a single LNB, wants to know if that's (Dish 500 antenna withSingle LNB,doesn't have Dishpro logo on LNB) enough for me to get channels from 119 and 110.

I also have a sw-21 which I will use to connect both antennas from 61.5 and dish 500 and feed it to my receiver.

Gurus, let me know. I buying this dish 500 from an individual who is charging me 50$ for dish 500 with single LNB.


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