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Nov 23, 2003
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Guys -
Gregg came over yesterday to calibrate my set. For those of you on the fence about getting an ISF calibration, two words: DO IT.

For those of you lucky enough to snag Gregg, you will be VERY happy. Gregg did a fantastic job with my TV. My convergence was horrendous, and he took the time to do it right. What a wonderful difference! :shocked

Scott - thanks for enlightening us to Gregg's prowess.

Gregg - thanks again for a job well done, can't wait for UConn - Nova tonight in HD!!!
I said it before but I will say it again, I always thought I was good at tweeking things, I thought my picture looked GREAT before Gregg did his work, but was AMAZED of what the picture looked like after Gregg worked his magic!

I don't get paid a cent for recomending Gregg, I do it becuase I honestly am a believer in his work and how good he can make your TV look.
I'm in Birmingham, I think Rolltide is in south alabama, near the gulf coast somewhere. Thats about 4 1/2 hours away. I know I'm his 2nd appointment so I think he is spending the night here in town. If he is doing Rolltide, it wouldnt be until the next day.
I had my set calibrated about 4 years ago by another ISF certified calibrator. There is truly a night and day difference. And the best part is that you appreciate the differences more and more each day...

There is, however, one downside: you will never, ever be able to appreciate a TV on a salesfloor because the color temperature, convergence, focus, geometry (pick any one or more) will not be correct. Without prompting, even my wife said to me once in a store that "all those TVs don't look like they are set correctly - how come?"
Update: Gregg arrived at my house last night about 5:00PM and quickly started the job. He moves fast! After I helped him get my TV off its hearth on the fireplace he went to town installing the duvetyne lining and removing the glare screen. I didnt watch over Greggs shoulder the entire time he was at my house because I dont like people doing that to me when I work. Plus, I had family in town and was entertaining them while he was here.

Well, 4 1/2 hours later Gregg was done and all I can say is WOW! The result is ASTOUNDING! I knew the picture would be better but I had no idea how much better it would be. As I sit here today looking at the picture I still cant believe I watched this set for 2 years in its previous state. I didnt need the report Greg generated showing the before and after results because all you have to do is look at the screen. The difference is amazing and I would highly recommend Gregg. He's a nice guy and REALLY knows his stuff.
In what neighborhood does calibration from an ISF certified person cost? I looked up in the web and found and ISF certified calibration specialist (or whatever their exact title is) in my area and am thinking about having it done to my 43 inch toshiba hd ready rptv.
And make sure you book in advance or you will have to wait a long time like i'm doing now . Also if you paid for your TV with amex then you can get ISF done for free. See my thread in the hd section for more info.
if you need someone to FIX your satellite or audio/video eq theres another guy who does a great job and works all around tennessee. he is a great guy and knows his stuff. he fixes your free installs is his motto.. he does wonders with home theater pictures and sound. his name is Bobby Beard his cell is 615-975-8973 HE is well worth the money. our home theater was awful until we got him to come out.

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