DISH FORCING me to get a TECH visit for a receiver swap !!!!



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Jun 27, 2010
Who said anyone would lose locals?I don't think Dish would go that far.I'm just speculating,I do know that 129 is on a very low elevation here,and I do know that Dish tried to insist on eastern arc only for us,even though we still have legacy receivers.At some point,again speculation on my part,I would think Dish would like to have some areas on one arc only.That would free up quite a bit of b/width.When the next sat launches,what arc is it slated for,and is it mainly spotbeam or conus?That could be very telling as to what they plan for the future.

Lose locals in the sense that if Dish, for example, moved locals off, western arc for an area and only had them on eastern arc, then there are subs out there who don't have line of sight to the eastern arc, and as a result would lose their local channels.

I agree with you. I don't think Dish would go that far either and from what I'm hearing, they're not.


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Sep 25, 2003
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Do you really think that they could start hacking away at spot beam frequencies like that?

I'm not sure the new satellites are as convertible as the old ones were. Most of them seem to be hardwired for the number of CONUS and spot beams. Spot beams will always be needed and the number of channels is increasing as opposed to decreasing.

Dish is not using all the spot frequencies they have available on their current satellites. They of course are probably saving some for spares just in case and future flexibility. Depending on the TP it would take 10-15 markets to move to free one up. I am not saying they are planning this, but it would be possible. I do not really expect them to do this unless they had a spot (or transponders in a spot) go out and they had to compensate for it.


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Sep 4, 2008
As a tech I can tell you that its annoying to roll out for a service call (but built as an upgrade) when the person only has a minor issue. See this is how Dish rips the tech off, they build the upgrade to do two jobs in one cause they know you still have to fix the problem. So instead of getting paid for two work orders you now only get paid for one and you just completed the work of two.

If its not broke don't fix it!!

Welcome to corporate America, bring your own ky is recommended. :eek:


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Jul 30, 2007
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Nice discussion but one which seems to have minimized discussion of the advantages of more bandwidth made available by the conversion.

As an EA consumer, I have been fairly satisfied with the quality of HD programming even though it is bandwidth constrained. Additional bandwidth for current programming would, in my opinion, be a worthwhile goal. All additional bandwidth would not have to be devoted to niche channels watched by few customers. Though I will admit, I did watch the Kung Fu channel's programming when it was available on Zoom. There are also several SD channels currently available I would like to have in HD when possible, such as AHC (the Military channel), NickJr., and GAC.

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Mar 22, 2014
Why don't you just have Dish come out and do what they need to do?. It's not a big deal and your making it out to be. People just have to just whine about everything, it's just tv for god's sake. Have a beer, relax and watch tv..

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