Dish given CONSTRUCTION authority for 86.5W


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May 23, 2005
The FCC granted EchoStar the authority to construct a new direct broadcast service satellite @ 86.5W.

The FCC did not authorize EchoStar to launch or operate the satellite until further information is submitted.
Wow, So much news today.. So little time :D... Hey thanks for posting this 3am news HDTV Fanatic :) Or might i say... 1140AM Standard arabic time news :) You think this will be used for Hd LIL? but seems like a waste of a prime spot for hd LiL. National HD would fit nicely at this slot
I've lost all faith in E* since August 10th.

I also do not know if its Ku or Ka. I THOUGHT Ku for DBS had to be 9 degrees apart and obviously this is only 4.5 on both sides of BEV.

If it is Ku, to me it would seem they could use 61.5W/ 86.5W for the East Coast, 110/119/129 for Central and 119/129/148 for West Coast?

Seems alot of redudancy would be needed to get it all in and the 119-148 doesnt seem likely for anything but a Toroidal type approach.

I probably should point out that the FCC's Jonathan Adelstein, who was at the ISCe Satellite Symposium in NYC said the agency is taking efforts to expand DBS spectrum seriously, including the use of the DBS reverse band and they are weighing the issues around it.

He said the commission has a proceeding in place that would open up that additional spectrum use. He said the FCC is looking at how to make the reverse band spectrum available and what the orbital spacing would be for spectrum use and the FCC has already heard from leading FSS and DBS providers on a number of technical and licensing questions - including spacing 4 or 4.5 degrees apart.

Supposedly its on the fast track.

But I freely admit I have no idea what DBS reverse band is.

Maybe P Smith would know.
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If Dish and Direct shared their bandwidth and they got 4.5 degree spacing then there would be LOTS more bandwidth! Combine that with going to MPEG-4 for all of the stations and you have an absolute winner.

NFLHD: is dish advertising this?

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