DISH introduces Google Nest Hello to the Hopper platform (1 Viewer)


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Supporting Founder
Mar 7, 2004

If you have any issues with the NEST doorbell or the added Ohmkat video doorbell chime try a RESET of the NEST.

What helps about 90% of the time is a factory reset of the nest. To do that, remove it (using key) from backplate but leave powered. There is a small pinhole button on the top of the back. Press it with a paperclip, and press the front button at the same time for 1 minute. Reinstall the app on the DISH Hopper and usually you will be good to go!

Well after about two hours working with Camera Not Connected Notice after trying about everything, performing the above RESET, I found that I had to use camera settings to remover camera and THEN reinstall to get it working again! Two hours of my life lost! Now I know and hopefully you will too! Good Luck...
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