Dish Network Offers First Nationwide Karaoke Channel


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Mar 2, 2004
Dish Karaoke - Coming in May?

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The Karaoke Channel can be found on DISH Network's iTV channel 100 in the 'News and Entertainment' and 'Shopping' subportals, starting in April 2005.

Sound Choice is the first music vendor to partner with DISH Network to allow customers to use their own receiver as an actual Karaoke machine and to buy Karaoke music and hardware.

The Karaoke Channel is designed to provide DISH Network customers an interactive singing experience and easy access to Karaoke products from the comfort of their homes.

Phone line connectivity from the receiver is required for transactions through the Karaoke application (i.e. paying for a subscription or purchasing products). Viewers can browse the 15-item product catalog without a dial-in.

Non-subscribing viewers can sing along for a minute and a half until a pop-up appears, offering a monthly $4.99 subscription.
now I know there's at least a million dish subs that have been dying for this, and it will soon be here :D
How long have they been saying this was coming? Over 6 months now I believe. And I am sure when its available it wont work on the 721, 522 or 942. :)
please tell me this has to be an early April Fools Joke! Let's see, no PBS Kids, no NFL Network, no YES, no Oxygen, blah, blah, blah, but yet Charlie can bring us all karaoke, all the time on Dish Home Interactive?
Oh thank goodness.... ESPN-U and CSTV would have just left me entertained.

I'd much rather have Dish Karaoke, because my neighbors don't hate me enough yet. :smug

After I belt out some $4.95 "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" at 3am, they will......they will.
I thought about posting to say how happy I am now that we are getting karaoke as a joke but I just can't. Does any one really want this?
An announcement about such a fun an exciting product, has really been crapped on and become depressing :( / :D

you can listen to 1.5 minutes of a song for free so If I wanna check it out I might do that...

BTW Did anyone check out the cheesy promo, funny stuff...
haw haw. The only thing dish can add is some lame opentv app that they want MORE money for. Hey I know.. Lets add some channels, and if we want to watch them, we'll pay for them. Like espn-u, yes, etc. What the F is wrong with these people? You can add karaoke a la carte, but you cant add these channels? I hope charlie gets his pants sued off him by that former exec and the FEC.
Scott, Like the others I think the 4.99 a month karaoke is lame but my serious question is why won't it work on 721, 522 or 942.
Since I am an installer just in case I get asked I want to know. They all have the channel 100 so what gives or was that just a joke???
Hey I think I've got this on my 522 already! The other night I was watching boat racing and while the announcers were talking the audio went all out of sync like it loves to do on the 522. I was talking to my wife pretending to be one of the announcers. I must have gotten a super secret beta stream of Dish karaoke! ;)

Seriously it's crap like this that I won't miss when I get D* or Voom in November.
My roommates (2 20-something females) will love this. I wonder if the 4.99 entitles you to select from a ton of music, or do they actually expect someone to pay $4.99 per song?
I just noticed, there were 3 first-timers posting in this thread. One joined way back in September 2003 though, that has to be the most impressive case of "holding your breath" I've seen from any first-time-posting member on here. :D

Welcome to SatelliteGuys.US, Yankee Fan and LASooner (and long-time-lurker video37)! :)

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