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Jul 13, 2006
I lost Sat 129, so I called Dish to send a tech out to reset my dish. The CSR I talked to set up the appointment and took my credit card info, then told me the amount that I would be charged would be $20. I told her I thought it was $15, she told me the extra $5 was a handling fee. I asked the tech about it and he said he had never heard of the extra $5, it was always $15 when you had the insurance, told me to call back and ask about it, should I do this or just forget about it?? Just curious if anyone else has been charged the extra $5.
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Nov 7, 2004
The only $5 handling fee that I can think of is when a CSR takes a payment for something like your bill or a PPV over the phone. It'd be pretty retarded for them to charge a $5 handling fee when there's really no way to avoid calling them to setup a service call. I'd call back and question that one, it doesn't sound quite right.
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