FOR SALE Dish Smartbox - 2x QAM48 Blades - 12x Satellite Receiver Blades - 1x Analog Output Blade - 3x Power Supplies + Chassis


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Jun 9, 2022

I will admit I am in over my head :) I picked this unit up from a local university as part of a broader lot of electronics.

Here is what I know about the unit, but also happy to provide any further details:
  • 12x Satellite Receiver Blades (P/N 2022)
  • 2x QAM48 Blades (P/N 2028)
  • 1x Analog Output Blade (P/N 2021)
  • 1x Blank Panel
  • 3x Power Supplies (600W each)
  • Chassis is in overall good condition, 4G modem installed (no SIM)
I have some done some limited research to gauge fair pricing. There are very limited sales on eBay in the past year (empty chassis has gone for $500 and QAM48 blade for $1,250). I also see "MSRP" prices on a few online retailers, but I suspect dealer pricing is less.

Is this useful to anyone here? Any suggestions on who might be interested (happy to pay a finders fee if you connect me with someone).
If it makes a difference, I was able to get this system booted up and pulled all diagnostic/logs off the device included firmware and software versions.
These units have thousands of details. Best to become a dealer and take the coarse on Smartbox. There are 3 versions. Typical class is 1 full day plus a second if you fail the test. You can set up the training through Dish or one of their distributors.