DISH to carry all 21 in 2006


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Mar 4, 2004
Rainbow Media Holdings to Launch and Operate
VOOM 21 HD Originals; Signs Major Distribution
Agreement with EchoStar Communications
Apr 29 at 08:48
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JERICHO, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2005--
Rainbow Media Holdings LLC:

-- Greg Moyer and Nora Ryan Named Co-General Managers of VOOM 21
HD Originals

-- VOOM HD originals will appear on DISH Network

Rainbow Media Holdings LLC today announced that it will operate
and launch the VOOM 21 HD Originals, an innovative suite of 21
high-definition channels, for distribution to cable operators and
satellite TV providers. Rainbow also announced today that it has
concluded its first major carriage agreement for the channels with
EchoStar Communications Corporation, which will carry ten of the HD
channels on its DISH Network, expanding to carry all 21 channels by
The terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Rainbow Media CEO Joshua Sapan stated: "Throughout its history,
Rainbow has been at the forefront of innovation in television
programming, from cable to VOD and now HD, creating and developing
highly successful networks that deliver compelling programming to
targeted audiences. Signing our first distribution agreement with
EchoStar validates our long-held confidence in the business
opportunities inherent in the growing consumer demand for quality
high-definition programming. We believe that these channels represent
a vital and viable new business for Rainbow Media and its distribution
Rainbow Media has a rich history of "firsts" in creating
groundbreaking original content for a wide variety of consumer
interests and a number of different platforms. Rainbow created some of
the nation's first regional sports channels, with MSG Network and the
Fox Sports Net regionals; the first regional news channel with News12;
the first arts and entertainment network with Bravo; and the first
classic movie channel with American Movie Classics. Rainbow developed
Mag Rack, the first VOD service with original programming and was the
first to deliver sports programming in high definition on its MSG
As part of today's announcement, Nora Ryan and Greg Moyer have
been named co-general managers of the VOOM 21 HD Originals. Ms. Ryan
and Mr. Moyer have both been overseeing the management and development
of the 21 channels and their content over the past year. Gregg Hill,
president of Rainbow Network Sales, will now direct the positioning
and sales of the HD networks as new, valuable and unique product for
Rainbow, specifically designed for the growing HD audience.
"Once again, Rainbow is proactively addressing a growing viewing
need within the marketplace," stated Mr. Hill. "From a sales
standpoint, we are very excited about the potential of today's
announcement. Consumers now demand content that maximizes the HD
viewing experience and Rainbow will be the only content provider in
the market filling this lucrative void. VOOM 21 HD Originals will also
serve our television partners with great value as Rainbow now provides
them with one-stop shopping for the best content on the cable, VOD and
HD tiers."

VOOM 21 HD Originals Management

Joshua Sapan, President and CEO, Rainbow Media Holdings

One of the cable industry's premier innovators and a pioneer in
the area of niche programming, Joshua Sapan leads Rainbow Media
Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation. Sapan
has guided Rainbow Media's growth and success by serving distinct,
passionate audiences through targeted national networks such as AMC,
Fuse, IFC (The Independent Film Channel) and WE: Women's
Entertainment; regional programming such as MetroChannels, News 12
Networks and Rainbow Sports Networks; and industry-leading
video-on-demand (VOD) services which forged new ground in VOD and SVOD
content and programming that include Mag Rack, sportskool, IFC Films
On Demand and World Picks On Demand.
Greg Moyer - co-General Manager, VOOM 21 HD Originals
A well-known industry innovator, Mr. Moyer joined Rainbow in
January 1999 from Discovery Communications, Inc., where he served as
chief creative officer. As president of regional programming for
Rainbow, Mr. Moyer managed all operations, strategic planning and
business development for Rainbow's regional programming including
MetroChannels and News 12 Networks which, together, are a complement
of news, information, and entertainment channels serving the greater
New York viewing area.
Nora Ryan - co-General Manager, VOOM 21 HD Originals
Nora Ryan is a television executive with deep roots in building
programming channels and franchises. Along with strategic and
operating expertise, and a track record of success in start-ups,
turn-arounds and brand extensions, she is credited with building
market share in competitive business environments as well.
Gregg Hill - President, Rainbow Network Sales and Marketing
Gregg Hill is responsible for overseeing affiliate sales and
marketing as well as local ad sales for Rainbow Media's national
networks AMC, IFC and WE: Women's Entertainment, and its on demand
services, Mag Rack and sportskool; and now the Voom 21 HD Originals.
Mr. Hill most recently served as the executive vice president of
Affiliate Sales and Marketing for Rainbow Media and was responsible
for the distribution of AMC, IFC, WE: Women's Entertainment and Mag
Rack. Previously, Mr. Hill played a central role in the development
and growth of Rainbow's Bravo and IFC networks.



A whole channel dedicated to unique animation entertainment. A
diverse programming lineup of animated series, shorts and specials,
from the classics to the newest and most cutting edge animation.
Auction HD
AUCTION HD provides an inside look at the once exclusive auction
world. Preview upcoming auctions and hear the stories behind the
objects. See live coverage of sales from top auction houses and get
news from the collecting world. Everything from classic cars, to
Hollywood memorabilia, to impressionist art is enhanced in vivid high
Equator HD
We send filmmakers all over the world to produce HD films of
breathtaking quality and substance that provide a unique view of the
world as it really is with stunning explorations of some of the most
exquisite places on earth.
Gallery HD
An arts and museum channel. Experience the world of art,
architecture and performance enhanced in stunning high definition.
Masterworks from the world of painting, sculpture, photography and
architectural design come alive. Gallery brings the world's best
artists, exhibitions and performances together in a virtual video
museum of arts and culture.
HD News
The only national 24/7 high definition source for news. HDNews
offers late-breaking stories, current headlines, compelling features,
national and regional weather, and sports highlights and updates in
brilliant high definition. HDNews is supplied by 5 regional news
bureaus, along with the nation's best photojournalists.
High definition unlocks the expressive power of television. LAB
delivers original non-narrative video art from artists and
award-winning designers, all produced in stunning widescreen format.
Showcased is Tank, the only HD, exotic aquarium, and new series that
bring you entrancing HD animation and innovative video shorts.
Monsters HD
Monsters HD is the first and only all monster movie channel in
high definition. See monster movies brought to life with a frightening
HD clarity. Exclusive original programming, special fright fests, rare
monster movie trailers and upcoming movie previews are featured.
Rave HD is the first and only music channel dedicated to
delivering a larger than life concert experience in crystal clear high
definition. Today's hottest artists play a wide variety of music -
rock, pop, R & B, jazz and world music. Get front row views with
unequaled video and audio clarity.
RUSH HD brings heart-pounding extreme action sports to life,
including kite surfing, mountain boarding and downhill speed skating
against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery displayed in vivid high
ULTRA HD is the first channel devoted to covering the world of
fashion, beauty and style exclusively in high definition. Gain access
to the world's most exclusive fashion shows, get insight from leading
fashion designers, visit major international runways or trendy new
WorldSport HD
WorldSport HD delivers exclusive high definition coverage of the
Spanish Premiere Soccer League, featuring Real Madrid. See Beckham,
Ronaldo, Zidane and the world's finest players in action. WorldSport
HD delivers a wide variety of top sporting events from around the
globe, including world-class sailing, track and field competitions,
and much more.
10 HD Movie Channels
Movies redefined. Our 10-channel multiplex gives movie lovers the
most HD movie choices anywhere. Choose from 10 different high
definition movies playing on 10 different channels, 24 hours a day.
See the finest films and biggest stars. A wide variety of movie eras
and genres are presented uncut, commercial-free and solely in
wide-screen HD format.
About Rainbow Media Holdings LLC
A leader in sports, news and entertainment programming, Rainbow
Media Holdings LLC is a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation
(NYSE:CVC). Rainbow Media owns and manages national networks: AMC,
Fuse, IFC (The Independent Film Channel) and WE: Women's
Entertainment; as well as the on-demand services: Mag Rack,
sportskool, Uncensored On Demand, World Picks On Demand and World
Picks Networks. Rainbow Media's other businesses include its regional
programming services - MetroChannels, News 12 Networks and Rainbow
Sports Networks - in addition to the Rainbow Advertising Sales
Corporation and Rainbow Network Communications.
Source: Rainbow Media Holdings LLC


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Sep 7, 2003
Cape Coral, Florida
Thats not a gun in my pocket, the news gets better by the minute!

Just tell us free MPEG4 equipment upgrades and we're good to go!

Jamey K

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Feb 16, 2005
West Texas
I'm glad for everyone who has E* but this really isolates me even more. Since I'm with D* now, it looks like this forum will move from VOOM to Voom/DISH. I'm stuck....I was told to find another provider and I did. For a year.

For me, this news is as bad as VOOM closing.


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Feb 18, 2004
Boston subs
In view of the news, I am wondering what is the situation with Charles Dolan and his new Voom HD LLC? Any thoughts?

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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andrzej said:
In view of the news, I am wondering what is the situation with Charles Dolan and his new Voom HD LLC? Any thoughts?

My personal believe is that all that is gone... They are concentrating on being a programming distribution business.


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Jun 1, 2004
South Florida
I am glad I cancelled my appointment to install Adelphia on 4/ about luck.....the ONLY thing that I that I just don't have $$$ for the HD DVR...but that's ok....I have a standard dvr from them for free...that will have to do for now....


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Oct 1, 2003
Oops - its in Echostar's release:
The 10 VOOM HD networks will include RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD.

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
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dmodemd said:
Which 10?
The 10 VOOM HD networks will include RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD. These networks will give viewers a high-def experience in such entertainment categories as science fiction, fashion, travel, music concerts and more.


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Jun 9, 2004
I just signed up with DISH for a 4-room deal. The HD DVR 942 and the SD DVR 625 are in the package. 299.99 delivered and installed. I am leasing both boxes. Both STB's have 2 satellite tuners and the HD one also has an OTA ATSC tuner. They use each box to feed 2 tv's. I did the 2 year commitment to get the SD box and the equipment warranty for "free".

I chose the "America's Everything Pak (with locals)" and the "HD programming" package. This package better contain the Voom programming or I will be upset.


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Jun 5, 2004
Welp I'm glad I waited with Voom to the bitter end, at least the end is not so bitter... E* will be the new Voom (in 2006) with 30+ HD channels. Awesome stuff.

Whats their deal on the HD-DVR? Whats the deal with Voom's work on their Whole Home Solution? I wonder if anyone's going to pick it up and use it (hint E*)!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Sean Mota

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Sep 8, 2003
New York City

if they put the voom channels on 61.5 then the package you signed up with will not cover 61.5. Make sure that this is the case because Dish will charge you another $200 for installation of a 61.5 dish and switches... Just be careful we do not know yet in which bird the VOOM channels are going to be. If they are on 110/119 then you are safe but if it is on 61.5, you will not.


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Pub Member / Supporter
Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
I have been suggesting that Voom be an add on service to the existing two sat companies for a while now . I guess they finally decided that being a hd content provider was the way to go too. Cool! Now Dish can claim again they have the most hd content out there. I guess the rest of the hd channels will follow next year after the mpeg4 transition. Next year is going to be really cool for hd lovers.


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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
Jamey K said:
I'm glad for everyone who has E* but this really isolates me even more. Since I'm with D* now, it looks like this forum will move from VOOM to Voom/DISH. I'm stuck....I was told to find another provider and I did. For a year.

For me, this news is as bad as VOOM closing.
Well with Dish you do have the option of trying to get a used 6000/811 on Ebay and subscribing to the VOOM package (plus all the other HD channels) for about $15/month. With Dish you can just sub to the HD package for $9.99 (ESPNHD, DHDT, TNTHD, HDNet/Movies, VOOM 10+) and just have to pay $5/month for the reciever.

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