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Apr 29, 2008
Well, I thought that after I pinned the 118 on port 1F I was also supposed to have the 110 locked but discovered that to be wrong... sorta. My parents have a dish500 and I was inspecting it to see if I could learn anything from it. On the first port I have locked satellites 118, 119, and 129 while on the second port satellite 110 is locked. I then crawled under the house to see where the cable combined so that one cable ran into the receiver but discovered that wasn't the way it worked. 118, 119, and 129 run to one tv while the 110 isn't connected to anything. So, I suppose this means that the 118, 119, & 129 are the satellites used in Dish500. But why do you have 110 pinned at all seeing as it is not used except for on port 2? Then there is the question of what are port 3 and 4 for. I was thinking that each horn carried it's own satellite but that can't be right seeing how there are 4 ports but only 3 horns. ANother thing.... what if they want multiple receivers hooked up? Do all of the satellites have the same programming? I thought 118 had different programming than the 110 or 119 or 129 or whatever ports 3 and 4 have on them. What are on ports 3 and four? I am so confused seeking knowledge!

As I was seeking advice on how I should proceed I was told to lock the 118 because that is the more difficult satellite to site. Then the gentleman stressed that I needed to remember that the 118 is on port 1F. As I was researching this query another 'designation' became apparent; that of 2D. What is the meaning of this? Is it like each horn has its own designation? Why are letters appended to the port numbers?

A while ago, as I was talking with another tech, he mentioned something about tieing two horns together. Would this be done to pick up multiple satellites and so tieing the two together would space them correctly? And so this means that each satellite doesn't have it's own special horn. Any horn can be used for any satellite?
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