Adding LNB for 148 to Dish500


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Sep 8, 2003
Moreno Valley, CA
Has anyone successfully tried using duct tape or baling wire or something to add an LNB on to a Dish500 to pick up 148? Or is it just too far off to the side to pick anything up? The reason I ask is that there are some local channels there that I really want to pick up but there is zero chance that I can get approval for the second dish. Out here in the greater LA area 148 is pretty high up so I should get plenty of signal. Any help would be appreciated :D

Just an FYI on the design of the dish 500: It was designed to be able to pick up two satellite slots 9 degrees apart so, as Kevin said, it is too far away.

You mentioned that you doubt if you can get approval for a second dish. Is this a "wife factor" or an appartment/condo restriction?
It is definately a WAF problem. We live in a single family home in a neighborhood with no covenant restrictions or anything. There are a large number of homes with dishes already on our street, some of them with "questionable" self-installs. My wife is kind of put off by such things and really didn't even want our large OTA antenna. Perhaps I could soften her up by taking that down in exchange since we watch our locals on satellite now.

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