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Jun 13, 2006
I have a chance to buy this dish set up , its supposed to be an 8' but does not look that big . Comes with receiver and motor . Its over 15 years old . Is this worth it to buy this for C Band and will the dish work with any FTA unit ? I'm new to C Band but am interested in getting it for mother out in boonies ..Thx:confused:;)


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Sep 22, 2005
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Your pictures are really too tiny to tell what ya got there.
Can you post some larger ones?

Looks like a solid, and if it's decent quality, and still in good shape, (and 8'), I'd be inclined to think about it.
What sort of dish is it? (brand, size, construction: metal, fiberglass)

I'm a little put off by the center feed assembly.
Maybe we have some experienced installers who'll recognize and comment on it.

What are you looking to receive?
If low cost subscription with a 4DTV receiver, it may be as simple as plug 'n play.
If you want to run it with a DVB receiver for FTA, then a motor controller would be needed (and I'd recommend the Gbox in my signature)
That'd still leave the problem of controlling the servo motor on the feedhorn to switch between horizontal & vertical polarity (if it has one).

Telll us more and I'm sure the guy's 'n gal's here will offer much more help - :up
edit: and what price is being asked?
quite often, garbage can be priced outrageously, while the best hardware ever, can go for free. :)
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