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Mar 18, 2004
Does anyone know what will be coming to VOOM in the way of new channels, I have been comparing Direct, Dish and my cable, (Adelphia)
There are a few channels that I would like to have that I have on my cable before I make a jump. WB and Golf Channel.
Let me know.

By the way what are you paying for your TV viewing?
The reason I ask is, I have Adelphia, my monthly bill before taxes is $103.99
I have 4 TV's

I contacted Adelphia to ask what the cost would be if I canceled Digital Service and HBO, I would keep basic extended for $39.94. so that my bedroom and kids rooms will have some form of cable. I would also keep Powerlink, right now is $32.90 if I cancel Digital and HBO they up my Powerlink to $45.95. What a rip off. It's like the mob, your going to pay.

If I do what I want and get VOOM I will probably pay about $50.00 more a month. I have been wanting HD for over a year. What should I do.

Any advice will be helpful.

Thank You


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Feb 28, 2004
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If it's HD you're after, I'd really look into VOOM. You won't find as much HD content anywhere else. You may have heard that some of the channels, Like the cinema 10's repeat everything, all month long, and it's true, but so does every other HD channel with any other service. I have INHD1, and 2, with COmcast, and HDNet with D*, and these do the same thing. And while it's true that you can get your HBO's, or showtimes, or even other movie channels in HD, with other sat, and cable providers, most, if not *all* of them will not give you both east and west coast feeds in HD. Yeah, many will say "but it's the same channel, who cares". But they don't realize having both gives you more freedom. Freedom to possibly catch a movie when it's more convenient for *you*. Sure you can compare other channel lineups with VOOM's, and see that yes they are lacking a little bit in the SD department, but they really make up for that in the HD! I really like their 21 HD exclusive channels. I love watching concerts on Rave, motocross on Rush, Great monster classics on Monsters, and yes even those cinema 10 channels will play some great movies from time to time. Again if it's HD you're looking for, look no further than VOOM. with their no risk, no contract leasing option, there's really not much to lose.


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Mar 22, 2004
Houston, TX
don't switch to voom unless u like the following

movies such as tom sawyer, woman in red, f/x, the lilttle drummer girl etc..cause thast all u gonna get with the basic voom package on the hdcinema10 channels

next. do u like motorcross or surfing...thats what on rush.

do u like dog shows or world soccer?..thats what on worldsport

if u honestly ask me..i would stick with what u have right now. trust me i love hdtv just as anyone else here. and i watched that worldsport channel upside down sdieways and in my sleep cause i couldnt believe how good the picture looked.

but since voom is having some problems. and yes i am sure they will fix it all soon..i would wait till they are up on their feet..and they say they ahve the exclusive stuff and they do. but they still havent impressed me with any of it. cause u can get hbo or espn or discovery or those channels with other companies..i signed up thinkin their 21 channels was going to be all that.

and also hdtv has gotten a lot better but there are still not enuf content out there. voom is trying. in my opinion if u give customers existing shows in hd..they will like it more. what i mean is insteadof creating new contend..start shooting shows we know off in hd. thats why i like watch the local channels in hd. i mean i been watching george lopez in sd and the other day i saw it in hd. i couldnt believe it.

thats my opinions..i think they erased my other post cause everybody is in love with voom. and i still hmmm about it.


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Mar 18, 2004
I want some sort of HD

From what I have read VOOM is suppose to have an impressive HD picture,

But until they get the channels up and running that I along with many other really want to see then maybe I should wait. I truly think that is what is holding myself back, Alot of repeats would get to me espeacially if I am not interested to much with the content.
I was leaning toward's Dish, if they had more HD then I would have been there,
Then I find VOOM, nothing but good about the PQ, but not enough good channels.
I hope they read this, I emailed and no one has got back to me in a week.
I called and the CSR just talked alot about the free install. I could care less.



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Feb 16, 2004

I dumped my Adelphia cable and went with VOOM. The best decision I've ever made! I now have 30+ HD channels and watch HD almost exclusively. My addelphia only had 4 (!) HD channels, 2 of them were local. The PQ and the sound are way better with VOOM, and I am paying less.

I lost some SD channels, but I don't really miss them...

I like some of the VOOM exclusive channels very much. I would pay premium for them. And we have more premium HD channels on VOOM than anywhere else!

You are in the right place. Explore this forum. You will find a lot of helpful information about VOOM. (And a variety of opinions too...) I am sure you will make up your mind.