Does dish quality matter?

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Sep 20, 2006
I am shopping on-line for a 1 meter ku dish. There are some inexpensive ones for around $70 and then there are some which are twice as expensive. Any difference? Are there certain models/manufacturers to seek out or to avoid?
Thanx!!!!!!!!!:hatsoff: :hatsoff:
YES. The BEST 1m antenna I have come across is the Winegard, and its all American made.

With satellite dish you get what you pay for, that's why I often say the 76cm Winegard dish works better than many slightly larger dish!!!!!

Moving to the main FTA area.
some of the cheaper made dishes will bend in winds. I had an old dish (cant remember the name) and every time we got lots of wind the dish would "flex" and signal would really fluxuate.
if you don't have a dish you might look locally for a primestar and try it a bit. that way it has little cost involved. i even used the lnb on the prime*

if your looking to upgrade then , also be aware that usually you get what you pay for. so sometimes a good deal isn't a great deal.

so good luck in your search
Watch the Shipping Costs!

Since you're shopping online be aware of the shipping costs from various sources. I found that some lower the price on the dish and make up the difference (and more) on shipping and "handling". You'll really notice this on ebay auctions. When you consider the shipping costs going with a better quality dish doesn't cost much more than one you will eventually be disappointed with.
After I used low quality dishes I was not happy at all, I switched my Fortec 1.2 meter with a Patriot 1.1 meter and gave the Fortec away, the Patriot is a great dish, you can also take a look at the Winegards they are also strong and have a good surface accuracy unlike the low grade cheaper dishes, trust me it's worth spending a bit more to get a quality product.
where can i buy these dishes: Patriot 1.1 meter, Winegard, and the Andrew 1.0m, SMC dish?

also, does anyone have any experience or info. on the 48" ChannelMaster?

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