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Nov 11, 2006
Snow Belt, OH
Here is my set-up:

In one room I have an HDTV running with an HR20 and in another room I have a SDTV running with an H20.

I have HD Access and DVR service and the protection plan already

I want to downgrade(?) my H20 to an SD DVR (remember the TV is not HD).
And keep my HR20 set-up the same.

Called D* and CSR said it would cost me $120 for the SD DVR and shipping, an additional $4.99/mo (lease) and another $5.99/mo for the DVR service (I told her that I already have it, she said it is per DVR!!!!! Huh?)I don't think so!
AND I would have to continue paying $4.99/mo for the remainder of my lease (about 1 yr) on the H20 that I would be decommissioning after the SD DVR is operational. Even if I sent it back to them! (I could understand if I wanted to keep it)

Should I:

1) Call again for a retention rep?


2) Accidentally break my H20 and (using my protection plan) try to get it replaced with a SD DVR? (I'm an honest dude, and really don't want to do this.)

FYI: I've been a model customer for about 8 yrs and don't mind paying the $100 for the new SD DVR (if I have to, of course) but the rest is a little ridiculous!

What do you guys think?
Please reply by conversation.

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