DP Reciever or DP Adapter?


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Sep 8, 2003
Henryville, IN
I have 3 receivers: 6000 (replacing w/921), 508 & 4900. I plan on getting the superdish and 921 at the same time. I also figured that instead of getting a DP adapapter for the 4900, I would just upgrade to the 301/311 and replace the 4900. I currently have a line out of the 4900 so it can feed a 2nd room. I just looked over the spec sheets for the 301 & 311 and found they do not have the UHF remote, making them unable to feed a 2nd room (would have to have the receiver in the same room).

I am asking your opinion. Since I need to feed a 2nd room, should I go with the DP Adapter instead of the 301/311 or is there a "work around" for the 301 (IR extender)?

The Dishpro adapter will cost you about $20 more then a remote extender, however a remote extender does not always work as good as a real UHF remote, so its a toss up. :)

Both are available from the SatelliteGuysStore :)
I am using an remote extender for my Expressvu 301 to a different room. Works great for me. Picked it up from Ebay for $30.

I'm only one wall and 20 feet away, so I guess mileage will vary depending on your setup.
Thanks for all the info & suggestions.

If I understand the 510 promotion, I can basically "exchange" my 4900 for a 510. This would cost $99, the same as a 301 would cost.

There would be a $5 a month DVR fee, but I would have UHF control, 100hr recording, 7-8 day guide, etc..

I think that might be the best way to upgrade my Legacy receiver to a DP.


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