dual LNB and multiplexer, also OTA antennas

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Mar 28, 2004
Not looking for places to buy but won't turn down suggestions. Just want to know why there is such a price range for the two items; and local stores (b*st B*y, R*dio hut, C*rcuit Kity) have the highest prices. I need to buy them; I find a good price on one item, but they don't have the other or has a high price. Or I find both but S&H is outrageous. Not knocking down capitalism, just venting.

Is there any place that compares OTA antennas; indoor and outdoor. Don't need to get HD signals yet, just regular broadcast.

Do the antennas that hang on a dish work? My dish is off my porch on a three story house.

Thank you for the help.
I have installed several antennas that attach to the dish made by Terk, and they seem to work pretty well.

How many outputs are you needing on the multi-switch?

I bought the following

Terk S26 triple LNB $35.50 shipped (brand new)
Winegard SS-2000 HDTV OTA antenna $99.95 (found company 's site on Ebay) great OTA HDTV antenna, local SD signals are crap

have you checked out http://www.antennaweb.org ?
Sorry for late reply. Yes, I've been to antennaweb. The problem was I thought I may be moving to an area with no OTA signals so have put off buying anything. I still may move, but starting to doubt it. When I know for sure that I am not moving, I will get a full sized directional up on the roof.

Was just was hoping for a consumer reports type comparison of simple antennas for right now. I don’t need HDTV either. I’ve seen the Terks, may go with one of those.

Oh, the multiswitch would just be 3x4. I only have two recievers...heck I don't know where the other receiver is at the moment. But I think I have it covered.

Again, thank you for the info.
Please reply by conversation.

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