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    So I purchased one of those DVB-T OTA signal meters for pure interest. It was $13 bucks and I got it the other day. I know that DVB-T signals aren't used in North America its ATSC. Even though they advertise ATSC on the sellers website. I have one OTA yagi pointed to my local signal hill. We only have one ATSC channel in my area. I connected the meter and after moving the antenna back and forth I got a reasonable half scale signal. I know this meter is very similar to a satellite finder it can't determine anything more than just a signal. Question is it just picking up the ATSC signal from the hill or just??? The bandwidth stamped on the bottom is 170-850mhz. Has me curious. I didn't have to much time to try and fine tune it.
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    If you happen to have an HD Homerun tuner, a much better signal meter would be the Signal GH app for Iphone and Ipad. That's what I use and it works flawlessly.

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