New subchannels are now on in the Chattanooga TN market

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    As of June 1st, Charge!has been added to WFLI 53.4, and TBD has replaced WeatherNation on WTVC 9.3. Sinclair owns both stations, although WFLI is operated under the name New Age Media.But Sinclair gobbled them up. Maybe not the best subchannels, but it definately adds variety to a host of subchannels already in the market including Antenna TV, Bounce, Escape, 2 PBS Create channels, PBS Knowledge/World, MyNet TV, MeTv, THIS, and Comet. Not to mention the the home of Luken which is only low powered, but can be received in Chattanooga and extreme North Georgia. Of course they offer RTN and others. We also have TBN and 4 other religious subchannels. So for a medium sized market, not to mention the "big 4" plus the CW, this market is looking much improved and carries a lot of channels for the market, which serves 26 counties in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and 2 counties in North Carolina
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