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Jun 27, 2008

#1: I have the new DVR-1100c receiver. I've had it since Monday. Its Thursday night now. But so far the EPG has not filled up. I was wondering, is the EPG data on the satellite yet? Or is there a certain day and/or time of the day that it is transmitted? I know the firmware & clock synch comes from G-25 on the 12115 transponder. I'm guessing 12115 is where the EPG data would be too?

The clock synchs up fine with-in seconds after tuning to the Glorystar INFO channels on Channel 001, 002 or 003 or any channel on the 12115 transponder. And the firmware/software downloads with no problem using the OTA on 12115.

#2: Also, was wondering if Glorystar knows that they have duplicate info contained in the TRANSPONDER info in the latest firmware software:

G03.10 - Data 1.04

Most notably:

11872 & 11874 on G-25 (Should be 11874)
12178 & 12177 on G-25 (Should be 12177)

There are a couple of other bogus/false/duplicate entries in the transponder table listings for both G-25 & AMC-4. These duplicate transponders create
duplicate channel lists if you SCAN for other channels.
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Mar 28, 2007
Roseville, California

EPG Data feature is not yet activated. This feature will be available in the next several months. The EPG data is continuously updated and not sent with the weekly channel / firmware updates. You are correct, EPG data will also be carried on G25/12115. An announcement will be made on the Glorystar information channels when the EPG is activated.

We are aware of the duplicate and inactive TPs in the list. They will be removed in the next channel update. The Satellite names will also be updated.


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Jun 27, 2008
Thank you

Greetings Glorystar1,
Thank you for the update on the EPG data. I appreciate that.
For a moment there, I thought something was wrong with the
receiver. Thanks for setting my mind at ease.

Oh, btw, I was able to continue to use my Fortec Mercury II receiver.
I put the DVR-1100c in the bedroom & the Fortec Mercury II receiver
in the living room. And connect them using the IF LOOPTHRU output
on the DVR-1100c receiver. Very cool feature. I live alone, so only
(1) receiver will be ON at a time. So I should never have any conflicts
with the (2) glorystar receivers. Running the cable between the two
rooms was as simple ; as it could be. And it works so well.

That IF OUT LOOPTHRU is very cool. I really like the Fortec Mercury II
receiver. I am glad it will still get used in my home.


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Apr 17, 2007
I got favorite 1 programmed. Is favorite 2, etc. capability be added later, or am I doing something wrong?

I note that channels don't come up as fast as Dish. It will be more livable after EPG is activated but at present makes surfing a bit time consuming as I have to wait to see if I am interested in the program content before moving on.
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