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Aug 25, 2005
I have or will have the following equipment - HR20 and R15. Tech showed up to install HR20, but didn't have one with him. He brought R-15. Workorder showed HR-20, but he said he didn't read workorder. DTV gave me $200.00 credit cause I complained loud and hard. He also installed a 3x4 multiswitch even though I told him it wouldn't work with At-9 dish. I had to unhook it after he left to get my HD locals back. He will be back tommorow morning with HR-20. But I digress:)

I have run 2 RG-6 lines to each unit. I know I don't need a multiswitch for this setup but the genious wants to install one. I told him to bring back a Zinwell WB68 to work with the AT9. I figure it can't hurt since it will allow me to expand later if I need to.

Fianlly, my question. This tech says we only need to use the 2 wires currently running from the AT9 down to the multiswitch. Then my 4 wires will connect to the multiswitch to the DVRs. Will this give me full functionallity or does there need to be 4 wires running from the dish to the multiswitch?
Systems installed and working great. Tech was a decent guy. He said he had recieved no training on onstalling DVRs. He called back to a more experienced installer and confirmed what had been stated on here concerning a correct install. I showed him this website and he thought it was a great learning tool.
Please reply by conversation.

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