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Nov 20, 2006

Please excuse the novice nature of my question ......

I'd like to be able to record programming, and I currently subscribe to Comcast Digital cable plus their HD lineup. My question is, is it better to sign up for their DVR service using their leased machine, or can my recording instead be accomplished by just buying a DVD recorder/player.

The thing I'm uncertain of is how the connection would work for a DVD recorder. Looking at the back of my current Comcast Digital Cable box, I don't see an obviouls output that would go to the recorder, and I'm guessing the signal first has to come from there (the cable box), since that's where all the digital and HD channels are decoded, prior to being sent to any DVD recorder that I might buy.

Any thoughts on which the best route would be ..... DVR thru Comcast, or just buying a DVD recorder.



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Feb 9, 2005
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DVD recorder will not capture the HD programs at full resolution. Connections to the DVD recorder will be the SD connections.

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