DVR1100c and BJU Homeschool? Apparently not for long...

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Aug 19, 2005
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If you were excited (like me) to learn that the new DVR1100c from Glorystar would also be able to subscribe to "HomeSat" homeschooling from Bob Jones University (albeit via a different satellite), you may want to link over to the BJUpress website where I found the following post: :(

Posted July 16, 2008​
Special Announcement from BJU Press

On Tuesday, July 15, BJU Press mailed a letter to all our loyal satellite subscribers, explaining some coming changes in our satellite delivery method. Although the rapid progress of educational technology in recent years has required us to make some stewardship decisions, we have been careful to consider your needs as well.

The satellite broadcasts of our Distance Learning classes will continue through May 31, 2009. Current subscribers may record all classes that they need and keep the recordings as long as they wish, just paying the current subscription fee for as long as they use the recordings.

Although satellite delivery will be discontinued after May 31, 2009, our Distance Learning classes will continue to be available on DVD and Hard Drive. And we are researching other new ways to deliver our content.

We want to thank all our satellite subscribers for your enthusiastic participation in our satellite program. We hope you’ll continue to be part of our Distance Learning family as DVD or Hard Drive users.

We know you will have many questions about the changes in satellite delivery. Please look at our FAQ page for answers. Or give us a call. As always, we want to help you be successful in your homeschooling goals.
Posted July 7, 2008​

I'm really bummed to learn this!

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