E* 29 HD Channels

Cyclone said:
Considering that the one at 105 now is an old clunker, I'd say its pretty safe to assume that YES will have more capacity. It will at least be more capable, since the existing one wasn't shaped for CONUS at 105.

But the new sat will have the same number of usable transponders as the current sat, so don't expect any capacity increase.
The new sat has the same 24 transponders, no spot. Same as before, just
wider coverage & strength.
They could have 30 if they were to carry the "Alan Kalter's People Who Can Kiss My Ass" channel in HD...:D

My crystal ball says by the time there are any systems (cable, DBS, thought transfer) which carry enough HD channels to satisfy 25% of the people on this board, they will already be 4K-HD and definitely HD-DVD...and maybe an 'elected' president...world peace...naaaaaaah.

dvr question do i need 2 connections if

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