E* Gurus - Has anyone tried this DishPro experiment?


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Nov 26, 2003
You know who you are...

You've done all your own installs. You have multiple dishes, multiswitch(es), etc. Heck, you probably have a "Poor Man's Superdish"!

Please have a look at this and let me know what you think!

Has anyone tried something like this:

Legacy twin -----(long cable)-------------------------------> |
DishPro single --(long cable)--> DP/Legacy adapter --> | Legacy SW21 ---(short cable)---> Receiver

Where the long cables go all the way to receiver so the DP/Legacy adapter is right by the receiver?

I'm asking for actual experience so I can decide whether I can put up a very hard to reach dish with a DP single now without changing out my entire setup yet.

You are supposed to keep your setup all DishPro or all legacy when it comes to lnbf's. DishPro lnbf's will not work with legacy receivers but legacy lnbf's will work with DishPro receivers.
Well, I know what's "supposed" to work. That's why I asked if anyone had actually tried it! :) Thanks for your input, but I thought that between the thread title and the question "Has anyone tried something like this?" I was specific enough about seeking actual experience as opposed to E* recommended practice.

The key to my question lies in the DP/Legacy adapter. In particular, the adapter must (by definition) make a DP LNBF (& switches, if any) look like legacy gear to a legacy receiver. Therefore, it may look that way even if it is behind an SW21 switch. As I understand it (aside from E* saying "don't do this"), the main reason why DP & legacy LNBFs haven't been combined is that the legacy adapter must be right near the receiver. Most people's switches are near the dish, not the receiver.

What I am proposing as an experiment (see thread title :) ) is bringing the 2 signals (DP & legacy) all the way to the receiver, then running the DP line through a DP/Legacy adapter (at which point it looks like a legacy LNBF) and then (at the receiver) adding a legacy SW21, switching what at this point look like 2 legacy LNBFs.

Why try this? Now that we know WCBS-HD is not going to move off 61.5 anytime soon, I'm considering putting up a (very hard to reach) dish for 61.5. I'd prefer to use a DP LNBF, so I'll be ready to change over. On the other hand, I'd prefer not to swap out my other LNBFs & switches until the DP44+ is out.

So, the question is whether anyone else is adventurous (crazy?) enough to experiment with an (admittedly unsupported) unorthodox setup.
I can't find I now, but I think someone suggested this to Scott in his Superdish thread as a way of combining his 61.5 dish with the Superdish. 'don't know if he tried it.

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