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Sep 30, 2006
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Well looks like a big cable co also has fights over retran. This is an excerpt from Morning Bridge: LIN Television began notifying Mediacom subs in the Mobile-Pensacola DMA that they may lose Fox-affiliate WALA and CW-affiliate WFNA if it can't come to a retrans agreement with the cable op by 8/31. The companies are still negotiating.


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May 20, 2009
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every provider will have carriage disputes. but seems Dish has the most disputes then the other providers. in the last two years, we had Dish fighting with NBC Universal over The Weather Channel, Disney over the HD versions of Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC Family, ESPNEWS, and ESPN U which has resulted in a public battle in court, the MSG networks owned by the Dolans (who also own Cablevision, which the company spun off of) which first was over Fuse but the MSG RSNs were pulled by it too, not to mention Dish and MSG/Cablevision had bad blood over the Voom dispute, and off course the disputes with Fox/News Corporation over FX, the 16 FSN RSNs, and Nat Geo and as well as the Fox/MyNetworkTV O&O (with the O&O stations being the ones that almost got pulled during the "Four week dispute") and Belo for carriage of the the Belo O&O stations that almost resulted in Dish losing them. and let's not forget about the SNY dispute too. so face it, Dish has the most disputes over the paid TV providers. that's all the disputes that Dish has had since 2009 that i can think off of top of my head.


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Dec 5, 2010
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Personally I am glad there are these contract disputes with Dish and the entertainment content providers. Lets use some common sense here. Imagine Dish walking into the contract negotiations with ABC/Disney. ABC/Disney tells Dish they have decided to triple the right to carry charge. Do you want Dish just to say, well that's fine with me because I'll just pass the increase to every customer I have.

For those of us that have been with Dish for at least 10 years knows this to be true, Charlie always said he was not going to increase subscription cost over unrealistic carry charge demands from providers. He has stood by his promise to us the Dish customers that he would not follow the path of constantly increasing our bills like cable companies do with little regard to their customers. It was one of the reasons I paid $750.00 for my 1st Dish set up.

As for the Dish sports subscribers, yes I understand you want "your" team sporting events on Dish, but is it fair to increase everyone's rate because some sports providers want an unrealistic amount of money in order to carry. Also Dish has fought for years the providers wanting to charge more to Dish than what they charge to cable companies.

You can also take something like the NFL season ticket. This is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of. The NFL could make a lot more money doing one simple thing, open it up to all cable and satellite companies. Just set the price and scale it to the amount of subscriptions sold. Just like buying items in quantity from many companies around the world. You buy one you pay premium price, you buy a million you buy at a reduced price.

So the next time Dish pulls a channel you need to ask yourself if you are willing to pay whatever it takes to get that channel back and do you feel it would be fair to charge the increase to "all" Dish subscribers? The entertainment/sport providers are banking on you saying, "charge me whatever you want, I just want it".

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Oct 2, 2010
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Look at what we're paying when we bundle, after the first year or two. I pay $130 less than my relatives for Comcast phone and internet, where they have tv included. With Dish, I pay $32 less a month. It's all for these channels. Also, you'd think that the channels would get all the money they need from ad space. I get receiving a cut of the money the provider gets from having their channels, but it's becoming a mafia like shake down game. In my opinion.

Except for free broadcaster networks. If I give something away for free, I don't have the right to moan when someone takes it and makes a profit off it.

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