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Apr 3, 2005
Central Michigan
I wouldlove to win an FTA system, so I could tell / SHOW my friends the many wild news and sports feeds. Still can't believe that all that stuff is up there wide open.
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Jan 15, 2008
i became intersted in fta when i found that my favorite show on the internet is also on the sat. for free!!


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 31, 2009
Redding, CA
I got interested from this site......haven't got a system yet....so I need to win one! I would love an alternative to DirecTV!


SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 28, 2006
Columbus, OH
Q: What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?

A: High cable and DTV prices. Found that I was watching more OTA channels than anything else and was really only missing sports and some news. Found much of this on FTA. Distant locals, new feeds, and the random sports feeds got me hooked! The occasional FTE channel always a bonus. Now I just love scanning the skies :)


SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 8, 2005
Northern Rockies
I first got interested in the FTA hobby back in 1998. I bought a Satcruiser MPEG-2 receiver. I can still remember the excitement I felt when I first picked up a channel! I particularly wanted to watch sports feeds and PBS, but have appreciated Christian TV and channels like RTN. I came to enjoy scanning the skies about as much as actually watching TV. Great hobby!


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Sep 22, 2007
Did you hear that if you have a free to air satellite dish you can get lots of channels for free? Did I mention you can get NBA TV. Nuff said


SatelliteGuys Family
Jan 20, 2010
Central California
To intrest them, I would tell them they could have all my equipment because I just WON a whole new setup from SatelliteGuys.us and they could watch AlJazeera TV for free!

I first became interested when I was 13 and saw an 18" DTV Dish at sears! I must have stood there two hours staring with amazement at the small size, and huge programming list. Plus its pretty amazing to think that something so small could bring in so much, and from as far out as space FOR FREE!


SatelliteGuys Master
Dec 26, 2006
many reasons

I migrated from c-band, is how I got interested enough to go with free to air. Well maybe not migrated, but added to what I already had. Biggest reason was that so many of the analog channels were falling like flies there soon was nothing much left to keep me busy with analog. All the pay channels left, I lived without 'em. But when the newsfeeds started disappearing I had to 'go digital' too. And of course the sports feeds switched early from analog. I waited quite a while to finally buy that first receiver because I'd heard it was really complicated to understand. But I figured it out with the help of this forum and some really nice, patient members. Now I wish I had added free to air much sooner!


New Member
Jan 14, 2010
What would you tell a friend or co-worker to interest them in owning a Free To Air satellite system

Common this is a no brainer. Who in there right mind would be willing to shell out $100 plus dollars on a monthly bill for an extended period when you can get the same content for free. Thats why I decided to swithed to FTA. Free to air is the best invention since slice bread & butter. Oh by the way did I mention there were no monthly bills. Plus you wont have to lose & arm and a leg like I did paying for my cable service. The initial investment is minimal compare to the years of pleasure you will be providing for your entire family. You will be glad you switched top FTA. You'll love it and your family will love you even more. Free to Air Satellites The best invention since Armstong stepped on the Moon. Here'what you need to do , just call the guys @ WS International @1-888-276-6436 or Satelliet AV @ 888-483-4673 & they'll hook you up. You know what I'll even dial the number for you....... Here its already ringing. Hello..... yes I would like to order a system for my friend, we have decided these monthly fee for cable will be no more. I'll let you talk to him just tell him what he needs.
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Jul 13, 2006
87W 40N
I got interested in fta after i dumped comcast and got dish. I found this site, and after alot of reading and asking questions, and the help i got from the great people on this site, i installed my "first" 39" fortec. The farm has really grown, and keeps getting bigger :D I've told a few of my friends about fta and helped them install their systems. Their all hooked just like me :up


SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 9, 2008
Portland, OR
I got interested in what I saw in the channel lists online.
A ton of older and foreign stuff that I would never seen on cable, Dish Network, and DirecTV unless I wanted to fork out big bucks for a channel I only wanted a cursory look at, for the moment.

Cable, DirecTV and Dish Network DON'T provide the value I get with Free-To-Air

At the Cost of Equipment, I get a Place to Explore and Good TV channels that I can hold to standards. Not what someone else decides for me.


SatelliteGuys Master
May 6, 2005
Metro New Orleans, LA
"What would you tell a friend or co-worker to interest them in owning a Free To Air satellite system? What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?"

Well, I guess my answer to the second question would be my sales pitch in response to the first question.

I first became aware of "FTA" (which for me means ANYTHING, analog or digital, that is available via satellite ITC, or "In The Clear") in the 1980s, when I was visiting the master control room of a local television station. The Pan Am 103 bombing had just taken place, and the chief engineer (who is a friend of mine) was recording raw feeds from a C-Band satellite. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted a satellite system. I didn't get my wish until 2005, when I set up my first functional dish and receiver.

Since raw feeds inspired my interest in FTA, I would use feeds and "The Unexpected" as a sales pitch to anyone potentially interested in purchasing FTA gear.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 10, 2008
Oneida County, NY
I would tell a friend that there are many Christian channels free of charge available via satellite. Since Sky Angel is only available via IPTV, it is expensive to view Christian channels by paying for broadband internet plus the subscription fee for Sky Angel. Buy the equipment once and you can watch for free!


SatelliteGuys Family
What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?

I was interested in expanding the very limited channel line-up I get with OTA, FTA seemed like a good choice instead of getting cable.

Started with just a starchoice dish pointed at 91w & 101w but after getting a taste of what was available a motor was quickly added.

Winning this package would definitely help a lot!


New Member
Apr 2, 2009
St. Louis, Mo
Haven't pulled the trigger yet

I've been wanting FTA for awhile now, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I think mostly out of boredom, I've been through direct, dish, and charter, I'm interested to see what else is out there and what does it really cost to have a decent channel selection with FTA.

This is a great prize!!!


SatelliteGuys Pro
Feb 22, 2006
Lineboro, MD
*What would you tell a friend or co-worker to interest them in owning a Free To Air satellite system?

I'd tell them that there are lots of free satellite channels available, very few if any premium and network channels ( on the KU band ), and if you are a Christian, there are scads of channels available that would probably suit your tastes.....and that if you are not a hands on, problem solving, techie type personality who is intrigued by high tech satellite tv technology, this HOBBY is probably not for you.

*What got you interested to purchase your first Free to Air satellite system?

I was not going to pay to watch tv commercials. Cable tv or subscription satellite tv was out of the question. I was tired of the few OTA channels available, and my reception wasn't the greatest, even with a tall outside antenna. Just out of curiosity, I typed in " free satellite tv" in Google search, and was introduced to FTA receivers. I started comparing receivers, and reading reviews on them which lead me to SatelliteGuys.us to a review done by Iceburg on the CaptiveWorks cw600s receiver. I then began reading the FTA forum on Sat.Guys and acquiring more knowledge on the subject, and I had all the personality traits listed in the above answer. Since my wife is extremely frugal, it took me a long while to convince her to let me make the purchase, and since it was my birthday, she finally agreed. I bought most of my first purchase from Sadoun.com, and have been hooked ever since. I love this hobby. I'm excited to see the posibility of an FTA network (FreeDBS.org) broadcasting specifically to the FTA community.

Thanks for the generous giveaway contest!!
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