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Did a job today for a commercial sound system for music with a Directv H25 receiver with Sonic Tap.

It was at a hotel so we wanted it so they could change the channels on the Directv receiver at the front desk.

Unfortunately I did not want a big monitor and the receiver was too far away to use an RF remote.

So I went on eBay and for $15 for a 5.5 inch rear view camera monitor for a car. See link below..

This worked great, but could not change the channels.

So I got an IR extender kit and went on Amazon and got an IR to cat5 converter.

I could have split the cat5, but that was messy and this kit basically converted the small stereo jack to cat5 to make the connections nice and neat.

See Amazon link below....

So I hooked everything up, and the IR would not work because it was overloading the Directv receivers IR sensor.

So I went to the office to get a different brand IR extender, and realized the same stereo connector would also fit the RF antenna for the H25.

So I'm basically using this kit to put the Directv RF antenna closer to the monitor.

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Amazon product
4.3" LCD Car Dashboard Color Monitor for Rearview Vehicle Backup Parking Cameras | eBay View attachment 127202
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