Fantasy Football Season- How Did You Do?


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Apr 15, 2008
The first annual SatelliteGuys Fantasy Football League is in the books.

How did you guys fare this year?

I had mixed results- greatness mixed with stupidity.

Here are some of my positives:

Drafting Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Antonio Gates

Picking up Heath Miller, Miles Austin and Jamaal Charles off the waiver wire

OTOH, too many negatives:

Benching Schaub/Johnson in week 2, when they had a monster game against the Titans

Benching Jamaal Charles in week 17, when he went for 259 yards

No reliable running game- Tomlinson gave me 12 touchdowns, but I had a mishmash of RB's, from Ahmad Bradshaw to Quinton Gantner.

No reliable defense- I used 4 different defenses this year (Green Bay, Tennessee, Cincinnati, San Francisco). I dumped the Packer defense after the Tampa Bay loss- ye gods.

In the end, despite a roster with the QB with the most passing yards and the #1 and #3 WR's in recieving yards, I finished 7-7.

Another case of "flashy passing brought down by no defense or running game."


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Nov 2, 2006
Believeland, Ohio
Let me share what happened to me in another league I'm in outside of SatGuys.....

I was 11-2 and the highest scoring team heading into the postseason. I also had a first round bye and didn't have to play until the semi-finals during Week 15. My matchup was a close one heading into the Vikings/Panthers game. I was down by 3, but had Ryan Longwell left. Needless to say, Longwell missed a 30 something yard field goal. Instead of gaining 3 points, I lost 3 points. That was a 6 point swing right there! Longwell went on to kick 1 extra point that night, but still ended up with -2 points. Basically, I would've advanced to the Championship if Longwell didn't shank the 30-yard field goal!

For fun, I still set a lineup this week during the Championship and wouldn't you know it, I would've beat the guy who won it all by a score of 108-107! All because of Longwell uncharacteristically missing that short field goal in Week 15! ARGH!!


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Jul 21, 2004
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it was a VERY weird season for me, but in one league I Finished 7 out of 12 ( 4 of us had the same record so I was actually tied for 3rd but didnt have any tie my other league (the satguys staff league) I won the super bowl!!!! I am still waiting on my ring :)

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