FCC Says you CAN put up that antenna - HoA can't stop you (FCC OTARD reference)

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  1. It's amazing you've been given permission to install a 10' dish where the FCC offers no protection and the "governing" body dislikes a 36" so much.

    Good job and good luck!
  2. The ARRL is working hard to get the Seante to pass the Amateur Radio Parity Act, which was passed by the House of Reps. on September 12th. Now it just needs the Senate.

    It forces H.O.A.'s and cities to allow outdoor antennas for radio amateurs. If it passes, you could just get a Ham Radio 'Technician' license and put an 'effective outdoor antenna'. The Ham bands are not that far from OTA frequencies, and run a broad range of the radio spectrum extending from around 1.8MHz to over 10 GHz.

    The idea is that amateur radio is a necessary part of the emergency communication infrastructure, and it requires antennas.

    If you are interested, read more about it here: http://www.arrl.org/amateur-radio-parity-act
  3. Well since im a contractor in the city and county I gotta know what i can and cant do. Ive learned over the years of how to argue with the local government here. Of course every place is different. Honestly had I not already planned to install a c-band dish on the site i might have fought to put the Ku dish where I originally wanted, but even though it is on the roof now i think its a better place overall. My advice is to consider your options and dont get angry or mad at whoever is telling you no, and if you really feel your right (and in most cases you will be) call the FCC and visit with them. I have to say i had a top notch experience myself.
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  4. The only problem is that the compromise bill allows the HOA to reject an antenna due to "esthetics". That makes it very subjective and therefore a bill of questionable value.