FIOS in Denver?


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Dec 6, 2004
Elk Grove, CA
I may be relocating to Denver soon and was wondering if anyone knew if Verizon was planning FIOS in the Denver area? I have Verizon FIOS internet right now (which I love), but was wondering about FIOS TV as well.

Thanks for the responses.


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Dec 4, 2003
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Probably won't ever be available. Isn't Qwest the ILEC? I don't beleive Verizon serves Colorado in any way. Verizon isn't going to go into markets that they don't currently serve.

Unfortunately for you, I don't think Qwest has taken any steps to enter into the fiber broadband markets. They are taking a wait-and-see approach and watching Verizon and SBC to see what they do and what works well.

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