Fortec Star 1.2m LNBF bracket issue

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Dec 19, 2008
I can fit a standard LNBF onto this bracket no problem but the fancy dual PLL LNBF causes interference (mechanical that is) when fit to the factory bracket due to the strange design of this particular bracket. Is there a bracket option that would work better here? Might have to fabricate something.
-standard LNBF

-Dual PLL LNBF showing issue with bracket.

Could place the SL2PLL in the bracket upside-down but this might create moisture issues so don't really want to take a chance of ruining a perfectly fine LNBF.

Note; the blue cord is there to help support the LNB arm; I find the focus is sharper with just a bit of tension on this cord, sort of like mods done by others on this dish to pull in the sides a bit. :)
I would cut end of the feedarm somewhere along the red line. And then make new holder (in green).
Add: holder something like this IMG_20151018_123720 (Large).jpg


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Yes I will likely do that. Don't know why they would make such a long arm and weird bracket to compensate... Might even position the holder a bit farther away from the dish (1-2mm) since that LNBF is already almost out as far as it goes, and leave some room for adjustment. I do have some spare brackets kicking around.
cut end of the feedarm
Not sure how long it would last upside down...
Already did a mod as Rima suggests, using the SL2PLL now but will have to cut off a bit off the end of the arm to allow the cable to run downward without interfering with the arm. It's dark out now so sorry no picture.
Turn it upside down

And that's exactly the bracket I used! :)
GeoSat LNBF holder

Anyone need a factory Fortec Star 120cm LNBF bracket? I have one surplus now. :)
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Yes, but I don't have any here, and ordering one would take a week or two likely. The hacksaw is much more efficient! :) Not sure how weather-proof those 90deg fittings are either.
90 degree



See the bracket interferes with one port on the LNBF, will have to cut the arm a bit. Note the GeosatPro adjustable LNB holder. Used a 1/2" nut as a spacer for added height.
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Modded arm as per RimaNTSS.


Seems to work fine and is stable using the bracket and spacer. Lots of room for the feedline now.
Have this dish pointing at 99.1w for the time being, feeds coming in much better than the 90cm dish, average at least 1dB more s/n or more. Never been really happy with this dish compared to the Channel Master 1.2m, but it does work.
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