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Jun 18, 2004
Charlotte, NC
Just wanna say that my life would be a lot easier if the Pub Members Bar & Grill, Chit-Chat Club, and Sports Section were listed near each other. It's a bit of a PITA to scroll around looking for these forums each time I visit SatGuys. I actually find myself visiting less frequently because it's not as easy to find the places I wanna go -- yes, I'm just that lazy.

The one that really gets me scratching my head is the Sports Section being in the TV Programming area.:confused: It's a pretty small percentage of the threads in there that have much to do with TV at all.

Agree? Disagree? Life's too short to be bothered by such trivia?
Anyway, not a real big deal -- just seems to me that they used to be near each other, and I liked it better that way.
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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
The forums were moved based on feedback from our members and then were shown to our supporting pub members who said the non satellite topics should go near the end, which allows us to show off what we do best and that is the Internet's best Satellite and TV news and information.

Remember you can customize the forum listings and remove any forums you never visit. :) Go to and the option to do this is near the bottom. :)
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Jul 14, 2005
NW Ohio - Buckeye Country
I agree with Timm,

Is there any way for us users to re-arrange theme , without deleting others.

I use to go to the "Sports " section daily, partly because you could see it from the main page ...

Unfortunatly, I often forget about it now, and haven't posted in there much since the changes took place.

The Sports Forum really has no area that it treally fits into.

Can it have it's own section ?, like below the Pub area, kinda like it use to be ???

I guess Scott would be the one to really answer that one though.



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Jul 19, 2005
Mentor, Ohio
Yeah, I completely agree and can clearly see a big dropoff in posts/topics from 6 months ago. I wasn't here when the changes were being talked about (I guess...) but whoever suggested and supported these changes is a little wacky.

The sports doesn't belong in the TV discussion, as mentioned. It should be (and used to be) right below the chit chat club.

Sure, everyone has always had the ability to re-arrange at their leisure, but most of us don't do that and new people just don't know they can do that, so they don't post to these areas because they're now buried below dozens of areas that have nothing to do with satellite...

I understand the wish to expand the horizons beyond just satellite, but "sports" is a more universal forum and shouldn't be buried below things that a very small percentage of users need, like cable forums. Most people scroll down a bit and when they start seeing a bunch of forums they have no interest in, they stop.

Just seems this place got a lot less user-friendly when the changes happened...


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Apr 18, 2005
DeKalb County, AL
I'm not impressed neither. I really don't see why we have a news bot section also. Most of the DirecTV and Dish Network stuff ends up posted in there prespective places anyhow, the news bot ends up repeating the postings with in that section alone with the other postings as well. put cable news back in with there prespective companies as well. someone interested or wants to discuss Comcast then they can go there and do both without jumping sections of the forum. Fold "general cable and satellite" back in with cable section and satellite section as well. less confusion for everyone. don't make it look more than it is, make it more with content that could be.
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