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Feb 27, 2010
Traverse City, Michigan
I have been wanting to learn more about the low LNB voltage problem a number of people are having with the OpenBox S-9. I have a working S-9 and need a broken one to compare what goes wrong with these and how they might be fixed.
Please PM me if you want to volunteer your box for an autopsy, I'll try to fix it, then send it back to you.
The results will be photo documented and shared with everyone.
if you get more than you can repair, or work on, i could volunteer also. worked fixing electronics stuff from 63 to 05 and still have a couple of scopes and some test equipment. i am sad though that i got rid of my spectrum analyser a few years ago. didn't think i would need it any more... oh well. charlie
Is there trouble shooting list or info? I may have one for you.


I read a post about this and I canwatch mine for a while until it heats up.
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Pixl load.jpgFirst load to Jim's House!:D

PM sent.

T and the Cat!
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Pixl said:
I guess I shouldn't have said FREE.

Or Openboxes. Judging from what I've read on here, you're gonna have a PILE of 'em! :eek: :D

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Actually I have two on the way already, probably enough for my exploratory surgery project. Check back for results next week.
My dad's S9 croaked last year and they barely even used it. It had to be replaced. I'm still skeptical because Dad says it acts up sometimes but I think it's just general flakiness.
But previously it was for sure the power to the LNB & motor that pooped out. :mad:
I am NOT impressed with Openbox. I have an S10 and it's really poorly thought out. I think they were designed for TOS (theft of service) and not true FTA use.
You just may have a point there Dee. Sometimes you get a good one and sometimes not. Maybe we all just need to switch to the new Micro when it shows up. Even though I don't like the outputs, it sure sounds like an interesting unit.

I might be able to give you a head start on your endeavor. My S9 has a similar problem. I found that on the edge of the circuit board there is a mustard color disc which is a current limiting device labeled F1, compare the voltage drop across that with the good unit. Secondly in my situation there was a transistor between the 100K chip capacitor and the voltage regulator which was switched on. This shunted a 100 ohm resistor from the regulator control pin to ground which caused the voltage drop. The transistor was good but it is connected to an IC labeled LO0909 which I cannot identify. As a last resort I removed the transistor and to my surprise my S9 appears to be functioning....for now. I'm hoping that transistor was just some sort of protection device. Hope this helps some.

Thanks for the advice, sure will save me some time when I get into one of these. Right now I'm digging out from a foot of wet snow that dropped last night. Hope my guy from Cadillac Mi. can get thru tomorrow to drop off his S-9.
He's gonna need a warehouse once the microHD ships! :eek:

Why u hijacking with a different model that has nothing to do with S9 repairs??? :banghead:

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No hijacking there, just adding to the post by Eurosport which I quoted.

I certainly applaud Pixl's offer, as well as his and other member's efforts in understanding and repairing problems in the S9 and S10.

For what its worth, I have an Openbox S9 myself. I have, in the past, advocated the purchase of this receiver. Mine has shown no power supply issues as of yet, however I am thankful that if and when it does, members here have taken steps to determine the problem and a solution.

I believe that the S9 has been a great bargain for the money. It may not be as great a bargain after this month. We will have to wait and see.
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I have a S9 that is doing great so far! :D

And I am looking forward to the new micro too but with some caution. It seems like no matter what the item is the first production run usually has glitches. First runs of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, trucks and electronics that I have had were headaches. I sure hope that with all of the hype about the micro that it does not disappoint. There has been a lot of thought put into these new receivers so I hope that they all turn out!!! :)
I hope we dropped these in the right place!


No really, my S9 is working good...except for the clock and all the "normal" broken stuff. Hopefully you'll find some nearby.

And Chaskuchar,

I bet you've seen it all and could fix one in 10 minutes. The problem with some of this new stuff is that the parts are so small a normal person can't solder them without making a mess. I had to fix something the other day and it worked...but it looked like a 4 year old done it with a blow torch! The pads came off...had to run a couple little jumpers...Just looks a mess, but worked and will stay working forever.The S9 is not that bad though...I'm been inside mine and a guy could change parts easily (a lot of them anyway).
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