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Hi there!!
I have a Pansat 3500sd receiver that I want to put back in use if it is still possible considering its been collecting dust for the last few years due to bin files being unavailable. I want to go free to air. The one channel that I am interested in picking up is RTP( Portugal). Is it possible to get it with my current receiver? Do i have to load any software into the receiver? or just put it back to original factory settings. Also what size dish do i need ?
Im new around here so any help would greatly appreciated? thanx:)

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yes the 3500 will work fine. A factory reset would be best

as for dish a 30" is minimal....preferably 36" or even a 1m if you're in TO.


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In addition to Iceberg's suggestions my guess is that you may need to swap out your circular LNBF for a linear LNBF based upon what you said about bin files being unavailable.

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Standard linear LNBF and a 30 inch minimum dish. 36 (90cm or .9m) or larger recommended. Larger dishes are less prone to adjacent satellite interference.
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