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    So I have DirecTV, and I "moved" 10 years ago to get NYC RSNs.
    I am paying about $200 a month for 6 TVs and the Premier package.
    Honestly, I probably only watch 10% or less of all the channels they give me.
    I have been thinking of moving to a streaming service, but the NYC RSNs are a must.
    I just heard about Fubo, and I signed up for a trial.
    They have a place where you can quickly change the zip code. Seems like they almost are helping you to "move" to get the RSNs that you want.

    I am in FL. I am getting MSG, while YES and SNY only show up sometimes. YES is there about 75% of the time, and SNY is there about 10% of the time. It's like they randomly show up and disappear.

    I tried using a VPN to make it think I was in NYC, and then they all showed up all of the time. So obviously they are checking my IP address along with the Zip code.

    I can't use a VPN on a regular basis for this. Does anybody know exactly how and if it is possible to get this consistently working so that I have YES, SNY, and MSG at all times?

    The only thing I didn't try yet was my billing zip code. I could move one of my credit cards to a friends house in NJ, and then the billing address will match the NYC RSN region. But I don't know if that will do the trick or not.

    Any suggestions?
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    If they're checking your IP address and you can't use a VPN it sounds like this isn't the option for you. You don't need the Premier package for RSNs. Have you looked at other Directv packages? You also said you have service on six TVs and you want to replace it with a streaming service? Do you need a separate receiver for each TV? How many people are watching TV at the same time in your house? If it's less than six you could use an HDMI splitter to feed multiple TVs from a single receiver and save on the additional receiver fees.
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    I see that Fubo has several college football and soccer streaming 4k HDR10.
    Anyone watched?
    I may use my free trial this weekend to take a look.
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