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Dec 20, 2004
GF is currently a Dish customer and is thinking of moving to DTV since their Russian International package is better. She would get a Genie and need 1 client. I see the Client connects via a cable to the Genie, is it a direct run? Today she has 2 Dish receivers in different parts of the house, each has a sat cable run back to the Dish switch outside the house, if she needs to get a cable run from the client to the Genie that could be problematic and she may be better off with 2 separate receivers. I noticed the online info mentions the cable on the client is a SWM connection? Thanks in advance.


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Feb 16, 2006
She will be fine with her setup. The setup is no different if you have the C31 client or another receiver. They will just put a SWM splitter where her current Dish switch.

SWM is just the term used for Single Wire Multiswitch. It is what allows a single wire to be run to each box instead of multiple that a DVR would need without SWM.
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