GEOSATpro 1200


Jan 18, 2014
Delta, BC
GeoSatPro 1200 receiver.
Tuesday night (11Feb14)
The timer got hung up. I finally tried the factory reset but to no avail. It wiped out all my satellite positions. It took me 4 hours to find them all again.
So, I called the Glorystar helpdesk. Complained about no manual.
The girl on the phone seemed to think she could help me with my problem, by me holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Though she thought it was not a problem , it was another way to do a factory reset. I told her I couldn't go any further without finding the satellite again, but she didn't get it as she was only used to dealing with fixed satellite dishes.
Took me 6 hours to find the satellites. USALS would have been helpful, but you get what you pay for.
Now I can't find Galaxy 28 (no biggie) but I also am having trouble getting AMC 21, which for me is only 2.7 degrees from due south (Galaxy 18 which I did get).
Are the PBS stations off the air. I got some of their TP's but no service. Are they there and I just need to twiddle with the elevation? Last week I was getting them all including the OETA stations.
I tried it on the one station I was getting and 60% Quality signal went to zero with even the slightest change by loosening the nuts and slightly moving it. I'll put the fancy plastic angle meter on it. the next time I try.

Wednesday morning.
The PBS stations are back on AMC21. Even OETA is playing peek-a-boo ( 60%Q to zero in a flash). I may still go to the pole and tweek the angles on the motor.
The remote control still sucks. Doesn't respond, then 3 or for steps all at once, like an overloaded computer.
I finally resolved the timer issue. There was one recording active but not actually recording, from last week. I editted the recording schedule to put it in the middle of the present timeframe. It started recording, so I could stop it. Then the delete function worked, plus the timer started taking commands again.
But whats the strongest TP for Galaxy 28 (even scrambled). I keep trying!

Laurie in Ladner BC with a DB8 on the roof and a 90cm dish in the yard with a SG2100 motor, and hooked on free TV.


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May 23, 2013
Meadow Vista, Northern California
USALS would have been helpful, but you get what you pay for.
The HDVR1200 receiver has USALS. Are you using the STB to drive the motor to the correct position before aiming dish? After you get everything reprogrammed, save your customized settings to a USB drive. If you ever have to do a reset, it only takes a minute to reload the satellites and channels settings.


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Jul 26, 2009
Washington State
AMC 21 Has been hit and miss since last June. I get all of the PBS except OETA. The signal pulses from 20 to 70 every 30 seconds on both of my receivers and for other FTA folks in my area. (eastern Washington State)

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