Got "Limited time Voom Offer" in mail today!


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Jan 2, 2004
Wow! I got a limited time offer from Voom today in the Mail. it tells about the $0 up-front cost rental program, boasts about how many HD channels they have, and tells me that I don't need an HDTV to view Voom. (which I wouldn't recommend). They go on to promote their HD Movie channels, including Starz! HD and Showtime HD. Then at the bottom of the page in small print it says "The Startz! and Showtime PlusPacks are delivered on satellite capacity that is only temporarily available. Rainbow DBS's authority to use this space will expire on April 5, 2004 or earlier."
~Why would they put these stations on a satellite that they will have to stop using next month? will they stop broadcasting these channels or move them to an other satellite/transponder?
~it is nice to see Voom finally doing some advertising, but why tell the consumer that if they sign up for certain channels they will not be able to view them next month? :confused:
It is a technicality. The FCC gave them 2 TPs that E* had for years. These TPs were supposed to be reauction but the FCC backed out. Auction 52 due in 6/04, mentions that they have opted for not auctioning these TPs for the time being. So I would not worry too much about it.

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