got my 10 footer up today (1 Viewer)

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Sep 17, 2004
Charleston wv
Hello guys,
Got my 10 foot sami mesh up today (new one). Spent most of the afternoon peaking it. That pansat 9200 Hd is a terrible tuning tool.
It reacts slowy to signal quality changes.

Anyway I have great C-band signals but I have to work a little more on the ku. I live here in WV, so my declination is at 38 degrees.

kind of an odd thing, the sats on each end of my arc are superstrong, but the middle is a little down on signal quality.

Amc3 ku seems a little low to me.
Could my declination angle be wrong?
My pole is plumb and no visible obstructions to amc3.
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Jul 16, 2006
North West of St. Louis, MO
Glad you got it working!

If both ends are strong, but weak in the middle, it is more likely just an overall elevation peak at the middle.

Depends on which way you move the dish to get better strength. Push down or up on the front of the dish.

Oh and by the way, what do you mean ends of the arc? if it is 139W on one side and 72W on the other you need to try and get to 58W for a better assessment of the ends from WV.

It could be a whole assembly adjustment is all you need.

Push up or down on the front of the dish when at the far ends.


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Feb 6, 2008
Would recommend you try to "peak" a sat at the center of the arc. Make small adjustments (either up or down) to see how dish sees it. Then go back to the (arc) end sats and see if reduction occurred. Sometimes it is a compromise to get best signal for all of the sats.
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